Little Caesars ☆STUFFED CRUST 5-Meat DEEP!DEEP!™ DISH PIZZA☆ Food Review!!!

A HUGE Detroit-style Little Caesars ☆MEAT LOVERS☆ 5-Meat Stuffed Crust DEEP!DEEP!™ Pizza! Crust stuffed with melty Mozzarella, topped generously with Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Ham and Beef and baked in DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish pans to bubbly golden pizza perfection! Ok Chicago, your move.

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George Ballard says:

i am definitely getting this before work tomorrow.

lucas mcquillan says:

Big bite

Candace Cherry says:

Lookes so good

Ben V says:

If Michael Rappaport and John C Reilly had a child- well- you’re looking at him.

David Wong says:

it’s as if a ghost was floating in front of you and you quickly jerked him off.

Patrick Powell says:

Little Caesars can just take my money right now !!

Justin McCulley says:

SWEET LOVE PIZZA REVIEWS do the pizza that was on man vs food Justin plzzzzzz

Truman Black says:

I bet you housed that entire pizza

Dank Strain says:

That last big bite was way too awesome

chris holz says:

It’s John C. Reilly

Brian majors says:

Little Caesars Pizzas okay it would be a lot better if they used a lot better ingredients what other meats have a lot of fillers in it if they want to have a premium pizza then they need to cut out the feelers and put premium toppings I don’t want to sound negative but that’s what it is

Zack F says:

Justin – I suggest you do a 2 two ratings. 1 factor is pure taste i.e. comparing the pizza to the absolute best pizza you’ve ever had in your life – that’s a 10. The second factor would be taste + elements like value, packaging/presentation, etc. etc.

Ityz PvP says:


killswitch489 says:

I really hope John C Reilly has seen one of your videos and screamed little brother lol

spidyr2k says:

pizza butt crack lol

Drinks 101 says:

This guy is like a middle ground between JoeysWorldTour and Reviewbrah.

Danny R says:

I’d eat a pizza buttcrack lmao! I’d take a BIG BITE!!

cody litwiller says:

Best food channel! Good work!

Danny R says:

You should play jaws theme while doing a slow mo into the BIG BITE!

Matthew says:

hey love the channel but I was just wondering I haven’t had Little Caesars in a long time does it still taste the same or had they changed the recipe like at Pizza Hut

Josh Sparr says:

That Pizza looks great $20 is a lot for that pizza thou

Camelia says:

Hello! That pizza look amazing. I am a fan of sweets. I wish see you trying differents sweets also (cakes, pancakes, pie … ) Thank you and cheers! :)))

Tom Westland says:

great pizza . great video . great guy . well done my friend

MonsterChoon says:

FFPS >>>>every other food review channel

Brent Meister says:

Heart healthy…


I feel pizza so yummy.

pyledog says:

Ladies and gentlemen….Bob C. Reilly presenting this review.

opa man says:

For $20.00 Little Caesars’ could have used a better grade of ham instead of the boiled cube ham. In Detroit the pizza sauce is too peppery for me. Try Jets or Buddys’ or Cloverleaf for authentic Detroit Style Pizza. 9.5 your way off!


Your the best food reviewer on youtube Justin hands down hope you reach 1 million subs

Tracy Koch says:

Loved the end Justin…….keep up the good and entertaining reviews

Chrome Cast says:

You rock Justin!

Father Dad says:

You were great in Step Brothers

Cyko says:

That pizza looked really good and super cheesy! I could almost taste the delicious burnt edges! Big bite!!!

Oliver Haywood says:

You’re the man. Next thing you know you’ll be at 50k. I’ve been dieting so I watch your videos to eat vicariously through you. Also that was an epic last bite. Keep it up brotha! Much love.

CJ Cutter says:

LC big Bite!

Mikey P says:

Did the pizza have a salty taste 2 it or no? That look good I ain’t gonna lie lol

Johnny's Luck says:

Dam that looks gooo

Uncle Chuckles says:

I love Littl3 Ceasars the Mostest

Franky _Shmurda says:

why do you look like a strp brother lol

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