McDonalds NEW! 100% Fresh Beef McPOUNDER!!! 4X Quarter Pounder’s w/Cheese with all toppings on a sesame seed bun! Over 1-POUND of BEEF and CHEESE! Also back by popular demand, Baby BIGBITES!!!

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Critical Eats Japan says:

Nice! Great idea! McPounder! Your little McNugget, just sitting in the backseat watching daddy go to work on that beast

Chuck Gottwood says:

Your Lil Nugget is adorable Justin.

Zack F says:

Justin, what’s your fav chain burger?

0330tube says:

lol…please don’t kill yourself shoving that burger in your mouth. Love the reviews and good job feeding that baby this time!

Pentakill GP says:

i like this why i dont know

Bearer, Seek, Seek, Lest says:

I’m going to go ahead and assume I’m not the first person who has come across your channel and commented about how you look exactly like Doctor Steve Brule….but I did it anyway because it’s true.

melvin hamilton says:

Your daughter is beautiful. Next mission seek out other hamburger restaurants nationwide.


I feel beef so yummy.

Zulfikran Zulmos says:

u shud put a bun in the middle


She’s so Q.

Anthony Trent says:


zakelwe says:

Someone just stole the show without saying a word 🙂 Gave me a few laughs especially the disdain when she dropped the bit of burger on the floor. She dropped it quicker than Ken Dom and a pickle.

Never work with children or animals. Actually can you have a lion for the next one from the local zoo? You could pass back the little bit of burger and then we would see the biggest



Excellent vid Justin, made my day. You and Reed with his Alexa and box, always make me smile. I do like the quirky food reviewers that present a twist.

boston boucher says:

Awesome review man, I love your energy. I’ve been watching food reviews for years now and your channel is great!

Drew Hulsman says:

The Heart Stopper from Burger Shot

Ivan Sarafanov says:

Damn near ate 1/2 a pound of meat just with the first mouthfull. That’s how its done!

Thomas dragon says:

She’s is the cutest little McNugget you seem like a great dad keep it up justin

Leeroy Jenkins says:

John c reily does food reviews now?

Josh Sparr says:

Hi Justin

Thomas Providenti says:

You ate more meat in your first bite then Ive eaten in 4 months.

Clarence Boddicker says:

God that’s a lot of meat to consume in one sitting. Your body must be made of some type of non human material.

Ryan Frey says:

Is this Dale from Step Brothers?

My Name Is Jeff says:


Miguel Rojas says:

A 4x quarter lb would just be a pound, right?

Zulfikran Zulmos says:

ur car must be full of cocroaches

chefpete1978 says:

I can’t eat mcdonalds. Makes me fart for 1 week straight and bad stomach bubbles

Zulfikran Zulmos says:

very disgusting one of the worst food reviewer

Jon Moseby says:

Your daughter looks adorable

Travis Bernard says:

i think your daughter is left handed!!!!

J Lindsey says:

The last bite was disgusting.

Mr b s says:

Went proper football eyes after the big bite….. One was at home and one was away

METALMAN4Wii says:

No one Tell Reviewbrah I was here.

Outlaws Generation says:

Justin that is a huge burger. Ever seen Man vs. Food it reminds of huge burger I saw on the show. That looks really delicious I could dig into, great video man.

Longest Name On YouTube Fxcking History Bxtches says:


John Smith says:

You are my favorite food reviewer brother love your channel!

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