McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders & Signature Sauce Fast Food Review

Whitfield’s Food Revue heads over to McDonald’s to review their new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders and New Signature Sauce. To find them in your neck of the woods. Head to and see if they have them near you yet!

Mcdonald’s Fast Food Review

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lilskipit says:

Is it still cool to say first!?

Dave Da Drummajor says:

They screwed y’all off top. I’m scared of these things. I already don’t like tenders that much but they do seem substantial as far as size. If they dry it out though will be gross. And the sauces ehhh. Might just bring my own hot sauce. Great review though.

Whitfield's Food Revue says:

Stay tuned, friends! We’ve got some crazy Halloween recipe/food vids coming up!!

StripperLicker says:

My McD’s doesn’t have these. _somebody is gonna pay dearly!_

Jay Phoenix says:

I want some now

Duffy Laudick says:

The special sauce seems to be a copy of Raising Cains sauce.

FAST Food Pit Stops says:

Figures. They short you on one of the few good things they even sell. Good review guys….this channel always fits into my chill zone hour.

ilovemykitties100 says:

I had them a week ago and they were disgusting and hard to eat.

Ry.the.Stunner says:

I couldn’t find anything on Google about McDonalds new “Signature Sauce”, but I did notice that Sweet Baby Rays has an item called “Signature Sauce” and it’s literally the exact same color as McDonald’s. The description of it is “a blend of horseradish and spice”.

Cacti88 says:

little R&M reference there…….
i had those today and was impressed, didn’t get the sgnature sauce …even tho i asked for it.But at least they didnt short me on the chicken

Kristin Riggs says:

I saw these here in Columbus a few days ago! My friend back in WV had these a few months ago along with bacon cheese fries… looks good!

cassia xx says:

I wanted to try them today but they had sold out before I could order any. The lady at the drive-through told me they wanted to see if they would sell and apparently they did, rotfl. Yeah, I think they are relatively new because it’s the first time that I have ever heard of them was today.

debb903 says:

Love your reviews. Please turn down your intro music. It blares me to fright.

Steve Jones says:

I have a sauce idea for these, blue cheese sriracha.

Stan Arthur says:

Good one! I shard this on I Love St. Pete Facebook group. Do the new Fry Lover’s Baconzilla at Checkers.

jloomis7 says:

We’re a little time crunched… Does food review.

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