McDonald’s | Cheesy Bacon Fries & Quarter Pounder with Bacon | Food Review

Alright guys so McDonald’s finally has bacon on their menu and who doesn’t love bacon??? I had to try their new bacon cheese fries and fries are not complete without a burger so I got the quarter pounder with bacon as well. Hit or miss find out !!!

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Joshua Sparr says:

Easy way for McDonald’s to rip people off more $4 for the fries? And $6.59 for the burger no way get the 2 for $5 and buy a couple pieces of bacon for a couple bucks and screw those fries

cascade ghost says:

The fries just look like a lame copy of chili cheese fries. Weston loves his bacon fries!

John Wayne says:

To expensive. Non lazy people can feed a family of 4 on that much money!!

TheBaconBrotato says:

Weston be like, “Wait? Nah bruh. Gimmie now!”
Om Nom Nom Nom

Sig Shooter says:

The cheese is supposed to be cheesy cheddar sauce, but my store probably would just use the same shit they put on the burgers lolz

Lisa C Williams says:

Our McDonalds Quarter Pounder is horrible. Never fresh.

Kai Roman says:

That’s not food

jeffxl12 says:

I tried those fries Friday.. Mine were soggy & just nasty. I wouldn’t get them again if you paid for them. Did you lose weight since you went on that trip with Randy?

рог ио says:

Худей и жри

Kevin Peck says:

Excellent review. Even Weston loves the fries.

Ben's_& friendsTunes says:

Another Chinese food review ?


Hi Wayne thanks for stopping by yesterday and yes I go to McDonald’s often and have to tell them to cook mine fresh because the meat drys out quick

Chris W says:

Weston wanted that burger lmao great video as always Wayne, I dunno I think they are a bit pricey on the sandwiches at McDonalds these days and a extra dollar for a couple pieces of thin bacon ehh value isn’t there but I am not big on McDonalds anyway will take Wendys or Arbys over them anyday. But I have a soft spot for the Big macs and the fries but only if they are super fresh and hot.

Desalvo the don says:

Wayne I have a challenge for you to try. Get back to me plz

Todd Leroux says:

Weston is high-larious. Hope you don’t feed him too much shite, but it sure is nice to see you give him a taste.

veronica walden says:

Hi guy’s thanks for your review I will check it out if it’s available in my area..Bye Bye!!

Ross Paddon says:

why is there a hole in his ear?

Rob Mathis says:

This Wayniac is calling out Mc Donalds also! They definitely have failed on the we cook it fresh for you! The last 2 times I have gotten a 1/4 pounder they have been as dry as a sand box! The last time I did complain about it and they gave me a coupon for a free value meal! So I can’t be to hard on them! Deuces my friend!

Ray Der says:

That McBurger was $6.59 ??  Outrageous!

Sixth Anomaly says:

mcdonalds has the worst hamburgers

B Kay says:

Wayne I think one day you’re going to give up on the eating bad food thing and become super jacked, I can see it happening- you could help a lot of people by doing that and make a big difference. Hope you get healthy one day man!

jeremy Chpmuck says:

great job

No videos No videos says:

Great one Wayne. Those fries looked really good.

brujo 1428 says:

Those bacon fries would go good with some sour cream. I highly recommend it ☺

Wasabi X says:

Can you eat 1000 caviar? But it’s quite expensive and it’s fine if u don’t want to do it

erik nulty says:

WAYNE, i have a challenge for you, believe it or not it hasnt been done on youtube yet. WEINERSCHNITZELS (ENTIRE!) MENU. Naader from freakeating did the entire menu BUT, he had help from another person, plus that was like 8 years ago or something. it might be pretty difficult, aside from all the different hot dogs, they have sandwiches, tamales, jalapeno poppers, burgers. can you do it???

Mo Beats says:

Weston is smarter than me

Chilltownify says:

Dry burger….yuk..come on Mickey D, step up your game!

Michelle Saavedra says:

I haven’t seen those yet! Gotta check it out. Yummy!!! Are they close to the loaded fries from checkers? Theirs are bomb.
Weston is so flipping adorable!!!

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