Mcdonalds – Fast Food Review

I take quick trip to mickey-d’s to try their latest and greatest food. I rate it 86%. thank for watch


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Samuel Sterling says:

great Mccontent

Benjamin Plays Stuff says:

ahh hell nahh i dont fuck wit no buns on my burgers uh uh ya boy dont fuck wit no buns!

Lil Mop dirty says:

I though that was reviewbrah

Frank 101 says:

Who is eating something while watching this

EthanDaGamer25 says:


Ahmed00 says:

More food then you have eaten this year

M6JB Gaming says:

Can I get a mcgangbang

Foaad Hasan says:


Sam Timmer says:

More like me obesity amirite

Mr Clutch Man says:


Senior Stew says:

I had a mcdonalds ad on this video

GirlyTeenGirl ifunny says:

That manager is fucking gay and retarded, put the fucking pies together yourself you fat gay fuck

Ainsley Harriott says:

This guy is a fucking psycho

Nathan Mcchristie says:


Nathan Mcchristie says:

Add pucksnaps52

AzExoticButters Butters says:

hey that’s pretty *earrape* GOOOOOOD

フルクトース美的 says:

McDonald’s yo cheese game good but you really need to work on your presentation – snackdubbbz 2k15

Dave Briffa says:

what a prick..

Gabe Newell Our Holy Lord and Savior says:

In n’ Out is lit. McDonald’s should fear for their life in California.

Frying Pan says:

I want a big mac now

Connor Crompton says:

I feel bag for that wrangler tbh

Randy Gindy says:

good parody on daym

sharpie doqe says:

the weirdest thing on the menue? legs.

Bob The Cat says:

That really was a fast food review

Watery Latte says:


Comics says:

I got it, that was a obviuously a critic for the food channels, and let me tell ya, THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY AF, THIS IS EXACLY HOW THEY DO IT!!!! XD

Mats Hiob says:

Mc donalds lady sounded like Tana

avalanncchhee says:

How did I miss this one.

Super Saiyan 3 nappa says:

Boy I live right by that in n out

DNTV says:

You should have done this inside and left a huge fucking mess hahaha

Zerl says:

Suck me dick

The Redstoner says:


bigwillyman 2 says:

Hey, can I get a actually it’s a storm drain?

light yagami says:

Did you like the in n out!? What the fuck

Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster says:

I’ll give this burger 3 out of oh you a feisty lil thing out of 5

Questhero101 says:

“Can I get a McGangbang?”
“I don’t think we have those here sir.”
Where else would they have them?

legit behind says:

Best 3 minutes of my life

Niall Reddin says:

Wait what the fuck why did a fast food worker come over to your car to take your order

The creator Of the multiverse says:

Mc gangbang am I right 😉

Vostolk says:

The girl talking to him during the order sounds like tana mongoose the more I listen to it

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