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It is Chinese Lunar New Year, and to help celebrate, McDonalds releases their Prosperity Burger into the Singapore and Malaysian market, but this year is different, this year they released an even newer version, the Golden prosperity burger! So while l am here l thought i’d give it, a go! 新年快乐!万事如意!恭喜发财!


Munchie Moonwalker says:

I live in Canada and would not recommend McDonald’s to my worst enemy maybe it’s better where Greg is anyways good video peace and live life 365

TheGreatOneBigD says:

love your videos greg looks a lot like the mcrib we have in the states except no hash brown on it and we have pickle slices on ours

morgan harris says:

Come to the UK sometime Greggo, would love to show some of the great fast food places

Dab Love the dab says:


Tammy Short says:

Looks like a Mc rib that we get here in America

Bakuretsu Loli says:

In Indonesia we also have the prosperity burger

Prophet says:

Why would you go to mcdonalds in singapore… you can get chicken rice for $3 cheap and 20x more delicious

Christine says:

you mean molest it lol

Marika Fejszes says:

Singapore has such beautiful food, but what you were having ,didn’t appeal to me! Nice review though, I’m sure you gave your honest opinion.


did u come alone or with ur family greg?

Anders Andersson says:

Thumbs up for Grego! He eats McDonald´s food and takes it like a trooper!

Peter Myers says:

Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Greggo is running around Singapore eating junk food?

Tonithenightowl says:

Greg must be on the lam again lol Have a good time :o)

Tristen Wood says:

I laughed way to hard at the end! love it! so far has any restaurant got a 10/10 yet?

Maribel Boroc says:

Wow greg. You are here in singapore!

Noah Hunter says:

I’ve tried this burger before. I’d give the burger a lower score like 6.5/10 because the buns were soggy and I prefer toasted burger buns. Well, I can’t expect much from McDonald’s.

I hope you will try Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Fish and Chicks, something that locals here also enjoy rather than just eating McDonald’s and KFC.

Ms.Emii says:

Take out the hash brown thingy, this looks like the famous McRib…lol

scottmthw says:

Nice video Greggo. XOXO


big fan tho will be very happy if u could drop by

hamiel85 says:

Eww… Jesus, that looks like dinosaur shit.. I don’t believe your scoring.

West Aussie says:

that’s a lot of sauce. A good score and review for McDonalds? That’s unheard of haha

Ruins says:

Great video Greg!

Kitten Lyric says:

that patty is the mcRib here

Sauce Team says:

This is a really great channel. Love what you get up to and review! We are making a video compilation of the best burger reviews around and wondered if we could include yours in it? We can attribute your channel in the credits. Let us know if you are interested.

Philip Drake says:

That looks good! Thanks for the review!

LoveIsLife says:

this looks like the stuff greg licks from his boyfriends crumble……

Andrew Laverghetta says:

Reminds me of a McRib.


I was thinking THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS then i noticed it was singapore
Rip Australia

Oreily Autopart says:

if I saw Greg in real life I’ll be scared as f

Z3ro agar says:

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Noname Someone says:

I can’t stand how long it takes him to eat it! Lol (I know he’s reviewing/dissecting it)
I pretty much devour fast food soon as I get it, bc it tastes so gross if you let it cool.

Nick Ryan says:

why does it looks like the failed McDonalds burger called Mc Beefsteak Burger or something like that. Looks like a comeback in Singapore and Malaysia called Prosperity Burger.

Tommy's Cooking Channel says:

at 5:39, that is the part when I dance a bit. Love it!

Oldtboot says:

you’re getting a little chub going there greggo mate

Bradley Spencer says:

It looks like a McRib to me.

Fright Foo says:

immediate thought was its a mcrib burger.

Kopapai says:

I can’t tell if he has a condition or hes just acting like a retard

Marty Fontaine says:

looks like the mcrib to me

Fian Fazlie says:

McDonald’s is cleaner in Singapore because it’s halal 🙂

DH 4321 says:

It’s a McRib with a hash brown on it

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