McDonald’s GRAND Big Mac Versus Big Mac Comparison Review – Greg’s Kitchen

It’s Fast Food Friday Food Review time and today I go to McDonalds to check out the New GRAND Big Mac, I also buy a regular Big Mac so you can see the comparison, plus I weigh them both so you can really see the difference in size! I hope you enjoy my Big Mac Review.

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felkin87 says:

Why is this on Youtube?

Elle Doyle says:

my wife

PiousMoltar says:

I had two Grand Big Macs whilst they were on sale in the UK. The first one I found not as nice as a regular Big Mac, the second one I thought was better. Yeah there should be pickles and onions. And I’m pretty sure the Grand Big Mac should have a second slice of cheese.

Ali Altamimi says:

gay sausage biscuit

METALMAN4Wii says:

Did you guys get fresh beef quarder pounders yet?

All Rounder says:

I thought you hated McDonalds. Is there a redemption video where you redeemed them? I missed it. I’m such a McFool.

Jordan De hond says:

Who else heard thats what she said in the background

Triaxelon Gd says:

The grand Big Mac is €3,90 here so its pretty cheap.

limosine says:

I ordered the grand with extra sauce, pickles and added tomato. Thing weighed a ton and cost less than 5 bucks. Took a while to eat.

Craig Dann says:

I Love The GRAND BIG MAC. That’s How All Burgers Spose To Be & Look Like

BaronVonBetho says:

That’s the what Aye am tolking about ,Mac! with (fosters can) only in america could you bee polite add some mustard to all that great tasting meat patty Matt

mrzazzaable says:

Tried it today, tastes utter gross. Something about too much of the mac patty (butter flavour) and not enough special sauce makes it bland and a chore to finish.

robert retka says:

I knew someone who ate Big Macs too often and died of a Big Heart Attack . Mac Attack.

Rhys Khetani says:


Rhonda Walker says:

R u stoned?… says:

YouTube clearly knows I went to Maccas tonight by suggesting this vid. Coincidentally I had the Grand Big Mac.

Persuasive Barrier says:

Holy shit. There’s a Jersey Mikes over there.

Dials Mavis says:

Big macs are shite

tarns22 says:

Theres a Special Burger Sauce from Coles, tastes so much like Big Mac sauce (haven’t had a Big Mac for so long but decided to try it)…magically turning my homemade bugers into Big Macs lol

betty boop says:

Well size does not matter, performance tells us the little guy tries harder, nothing new there. One is more flavourful so quality over quantity

Elle Doyle says:

i love big macs

Buddy Piper says:

i am also 50. my generation is dropping like flies due to obesity. thanks big mac

abbyd711 says:

Wheres my pickles!!!! LOL check your pants. Just had to say that!!! LOL that one is for you Greg O.

Tim Tucker says:

They look like shit.

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