McDonald’s India Review // BUCKWILD Burgers and Fast Food in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Welcome to the McDonald’s India review in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. If you want to see some buckwild (non-beef) burgers and some mighty unique Indian fast food menu items, you’ve come to the right place. Here we got a Spicy Paneer Wrap, a Chicken Maharaja Mac, and a McAloo Tikki. And I loved this chow so much that you might even consider this vid to be an unpaid advertisement of sorts. Suffice to say, the Indian McDonald’s feeding fiesta is about to begin.

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Ipsa kaushiki Rai says:

Should’ve tried mc spicy chicken burger….that is the only thing which I like from the entire menu…!
Then obviously you can ditch it all and have Vada pav or pav bhaji anyday…

monteam says:

Ha ha ha ha… cool description.

Prince Sapra says:

I want to kiss its non existing tits water come up from my nose

Soumyadip Sarkar says:

i became the 1000th liker. Yay !

sujan maharjan says:

At 4:56, lebanese McAloo tikki, It’s INdia not Lebanon.

shlok gupta says:

Mc Maharaja is damm good version shud try the normal version !

england is my titty says:


SoloTravelBlog says:

Like what you see? Then check out ALL the Indian Food Tours!

Gurmeet Kaur Arora says:

Have tried mahraja junior burger. .it was good

Dnyanita Mhatre says:

ur videos r piece of shit

bollywood songs says:

you put henna on your hand

Piyush Pawar says:

You earned a subscriber

Rashmi Sharad says:

Maharaj means king

Don't judge me by my name. says:

I am Indian and tbh instead of McDonald’s i would prefer Indian street food any day .

Ayush Yadav says:

maharaja means king not prince!

piyush bhashkar says:

Impressed by your running commentary

Amit kumar says:

holy hanuman. ur videos are amazing dawg…. enjoyed every second of the video….keep it up maharaja.

PewDieBhai says:

was he talking when he was on cocaine

shriya Gupta says:

I give you 100 royal used shoes for narration of your indian videos.

Rohan Sharma says:

Cottage cheese actually

Raghav batra says:

Indian McDonald’s is shit dude

Saiyan Prince says:


jojo says:

India McDonald’s isn’t good as other McDonald’s around the world.

Alvin Kumar says:

You sound like a guy with a smelly gay asshole

Aayush peace says:

What is up with that accent xD

Tanvi Pathania says:

Oh my hindu cow hahaha

Soumo Choudhury says:

Holy hindu cow xD 😀

Kartik verma says:

Maharaja means king not prince 🙂


lookin nice, looking real nice

fried Chips says:

You can eat beef in indian state- telegana, Kerala, union territory- lashyadweep, Pondicherry and all North East Indian States- mizoram, sikkim, manipur, nagaland, arunachal etc .

Kishore N says:

you’re “Dustin” 02:29 ? Cute mehendhi on your hand, BTW

Jitendra Kumar says:

You know why you couldn’t have a look inside? Because you were eating it upside down, that’s why…

Gauravi Mestry says:

U should hav the Chicken MC Spicy From the Mumbai McD stores! The chicken is super spicy n nicely coated n it’s the best damn thing from Mcdonalds.. And if they allow u to customise ur burger then just go crazy with it!! It’s like damn good and super spicy n fresh!

adithya a venkat says:

maharaja means emperor..

Me Mobilee says:

Maharaja means King and if you want the literal meaning it is ” King of Kings”

guitar wale says:

I only two times eaten in mcdonalds
It’s too costly and only snacks
In that price one person can eat full lunch or dinner in any veg non veg hotels

Rashmi Sharad says:

Your voice is creepy

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