McDonald’s NEW Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

Fast Food Review!! I’m trying McDonald’s NEW Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders with medium french fries and a drink $6.59. Have you tried these yet? Are they any good or good for us? How do they taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!


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James Lagnese says:

that’s a lot of carbs for a protein dish.

lulu I says:

If you want the chicken crispy you have to tell them to make them well done.

133 80 says:

Oh you getting fancy on us now

Jay Sims says:

Truth is if you just left it out for another 10 years It may have tasted better and still looked the same.

Nico Romano says:

Review Barilla microwave marinara penne

George :] says:

Very entertaining to watch – New sub. George, England 🙂

Top YouTube Channels I Watch says:

I just get subway’s they got a crunch healthier and bigger

TehBudWhisperer says:

Great content keep it up

Clyde Spann says:

I know it sounds crazy, but reheating McDonald’s fries in a toaster oven or regular conventional oven works great!!!

DblOSmith says:

Jesus christ the 10 piece has 140% DV sodium.

AlexGMason says:

Curious to whether you’ve considered rotating background tracks. The same one in every video keeps me from wanting to watch too many in a row. Otherwise, I enjoy your reviews.

ZarinDrake says:

This channel got me to begin dieting, thanks!

TheCologneist1 says:

I feel like shit whenever I eat Mcds, and I’m still in my early 30s.. that food is death, stay away from it!

James Hamilton says:

Love your Dollar Tree videos, not a fan of fast food reviews, have you tried a McDonalds order kiosk?

uninja7650 says:

The chicken tenders that they had before these were way better

The Farklenator says:

They’re not bad… I work there we always run out

Justin A says:

No honey mustard dipping sauce for the “Crispy” Tendies

Hostile Princess says:

Anyone else really dislike ranch sauce? I can’t stand it

Shane Upton says:

I’m glad you tried the Sriracha Mac sauce, it’s pretty good on a burger. The spice doesn’t hit you unless you eat the whole thing, and then it has some kick. My McDink’s favorite is a regular old hamburger with a sriracha mac sauce stuffed in a McChicken… I call it the Thai McGangbang- it’s tasty and runs me a whole $2.49

rezin russell says:

One of the main problems with these taste tests is that most hot fast food doesn’t travel well, particularly french fries.

larry sellers says:

When you get dairy queen chicken strips fresh out the fryer, nothing in the world comes close, when they microwave them or cook them before ordering them, they fuck them up

Alex Francis says:


Aaron B says:

lol, lol, lol, NO, please don’t turn into ‘that’. 😉

Gae Shows says:

where’s the Szechuan sauce?

David Thorson says:

I don’t know why some people get so upset over a food review channel. At the end of the day it’s a pretty harmless thing. Everyone has different tastes. For instance Wolfepit didn’t think highly of Hungry Man’s Classic Fried Chicken meal but I like them. I’m not going to attack the guy over it though.

Disloyal Dashie says:

You should go to raising canes !

larry sellers says:

Dude I eat fast food everyday for the past 15 years and I ran 7/8 a mile in 5 minutes at the gym, don’t believe the hype

C Johnston says:

How bout a battle of the five dollar boxes. Taco Bell has a few and same w KFC

Mary Williams says:

You need to hire a hand model , your fingers are gross

Michael Loveland says:

Want to see something really scary? Try fast food “salads”.

133 80 says:

You can review all the junk food you can no one is telling you to finish the whole meal. A single bite should suffice.

Rianna Lim says:

Hey! Love your vids. I think I’d be cool to try cooking those really weird vintage/retro recipes and giving reviews

brtshstel says:

Does anybody know how these compare to the old “Chicken Selects?” I actually liked those.

Joe Smith says:

This humongous man with chubby hands , went to McDonald’s at 12:00am to get “dinner” to help us “the people”. Hahaha! Yeah right.

why are you subscribed? says:

Can you pleeeeease make a video about the teriyaki chicken bowl for Jack in the Box?

Claudia Octavia says:

looks like you got old product in new packaging.

Tempest Fury says:

Umm…cold fries just don’t work. But hmmm, why not dip them in ketchup just like every other American?
You really aren’t doing a favor for us, “the people”….I think most people have eaten at McDonald’s and pretty much know what to expect. It’s fantastic you have never had McDonald’s for dinner before, but most of us….”the people” have.

So get off your high-horse, stop talking down to us “the people”, stop making horrifying recipes with SPAM, and maybe I will keep subscribing to your bland channel with the same stupid music playing in the background.

But that’s just my perspective…, a part of “the people”. Give us, the people, a fucking break!
Do something interesting, like how to make anything that doesn’t look like slop nor contains SPAM!

stormy magee says:

The only thing I can digest there with out getting a gut ache is a fish Sandwhich, a few fries and un sweet tea. I just can’t do fast food places anymore.

TL M says:

I need my blood pressure checked again. I just intaked over 2000mg of sodium.

sanchan619 says:

Try Wendy’s Chicken Tenders, and see which one is better.

Murray Melander says:

When I tried them they were hot and juicy inside. I liked them. I had them without dipping sauce. I’d order them again.

Fredrick McDonald says:

ok in your oil add 4 beef bullion crushed cubes to 2 cups oil you get the same as the old fries or if you wanted to add 2 more of the beef powder to your flour 2 cubes to push the beef flavor

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