McDonald’s NEW Mushroom & Swiss Burger Review

Today I try out the New Mushroom and Swiss Burger from McDonald’s! Let’s see how good (or bad) this ends up being!


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endoflight tv says:

His really an AI sent to Review Earth products for his planet

Um Akkktually says:


Masha Smith says:

He’s what I see during sleep paralysis…he whispers to me, “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”

Pepper 2k says:

Look how much gel is on his hair

INDsanityLuck says:

Why does Dr. Look like he’s being kidnapped and held against his will in his older vids? He looks to the side worriedly if the food isn’t finished with.


why is this 24/7 in my recommended, i clicked no interest for like 10 times. stop annoying me with this guy

Ryan Schwark says:


Andrew says:

i havent been to mcdonalds in 2+ years

Officer Nasty says:

The reason he never shows the passenger seat is because he always has a hottie in there with him. You dawg. You didn’t fool me

AkMoto says:

Burger King used to do a very similar burger 20 odd years ago, well they did in the UK anyway. It was called the Mushroom Double Swiss.

SiNz Concussion says:

That burger was trash

Jiwon Woo says:

I love how every time he takes a bite his face looks disgusted, lol love this channel

Juliê Garcia says:

he’s not made for this century

BoredCreature says:

the intensity of each stare after every bite makes me anxious

DanThePatheticGamer says:

Love the tie fam

Bal Gehakt says:

Wow, your English is so good that the auto-translation to Dutch is actually right.

xXTacTical_CheetahXx says:

This dude will always be a virgin

TrollMaster300 says:

He chews up food with his front teeth instead of the side teeth

Bartol John says:

Are you sure it’s not an army of bats?

Jiwon Woo says:

I love how every time he takes a bite his face looks disgusted, lol love this channel

Isabella Adkins says:

3:05 i see you hooman

milk man says:


YeBoiAlex says:

I like your tie.

Baleur says:

That cheese looked like mozzarella…. If it WAS mozzarella, you can forgive that consistency in favor of flavor.
But other cheese only gets that rubbery if microwaved. 100% they microwaved that entire thing for you, typical McD.

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

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Jiwon Woo says:

I love how every time he takes a bite his face looks disgusted, lol love this channel

Derek Conrad says:

Anyone figure out what kind of car he’s driving?

G.S says:

I’m deathly ill right now, and watching your videos helps a lot. Thanks man.

MyTevin _ says:

Great Job man! Keep on trying!!!!

Solid Athena says:

How much time do you spend on your hair looks nice

Jean Blanco says:

look good for gentiles u understand

poodlecupsfive says:

I can see him on 90 days

MegaDicksOak says:

They did the same burger in Australia quiet a few years ago. The presentation was nicer and I thoroughly enjoyed it, you should totally put it on a subway footlong

rbxstrobe says:

mcdondald *_borgfer_*

Justin Ford says:

Adderall one heck of a drug.

joe marshall says:

So hot

death llama says:

when will you review the fortnite borger

Dovahkiin says:

Dear Reviewbruh, I am writing you in hopes of receiving some answers for my strange dilemma. You see, I moved from the southern parts of the us to the north western parts of the us, to be more specific Oklahoma to Colorado, to be even more specific I am out in the middle of no where in the rockies. The nearest town/city is an hour and a half away. To my pleasant surpirse it has all my favorite fast food places. Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King and so on! My most favorite of these is Taco Bell. At my previous residence the Taco Bell there never failed to satisfy my mexican cravings, however the Taco Bell near my current residence never fails to disappoint! I thought, maybe they just had a bad day, I will try again next time. Well a few years of trying this Taco Bell, it’s always terrible. I do not order anything too “complex”, simply a bean burrito. Now I may be crazy in saying this and I would love to get your thoughts on this, fast food chains seem to vary in taste from place to place. Am I crazy?! How can a bean burrito at the same fast food chain taste so different than the one a few thousand miles away?! Its not only the Taco Bell that is terrible in this town, but nearly every fast food place here tastes lack luster and bland! The only decent fast food place in these parts is KFC.

TLDR; Reviewbruh, does fast food vary in taste from place to place??!? In my personal experience it does indeed!

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