McDonald’s Pizza – Food Review

Today’s review is for a Pepperoni Pizza from McDonald’s.



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Additional Information:

Florida, the land of weird food crimes, will also soon be home to a strange new McDonald’s. The chain — whose recent financial struggles are well documented — is opening a location in Orlando that is slated to be the “world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s,” according to the Orlando Business Journal. The three-story restaurant, which is owned by franchisee Oerther Foods, will be 19,000 square feet when completed.

Georgette Lemieux, the vice president of operations for Oerther Foods, notes that the new restaurant will feature a number of tech “innovations.” There will be “swipe-card” arcade games, easy-order technology, and the Create Your Taste burger program, where customers can customize their orders with a number of ingredients. Most notably, the restaurant will feature an “open design kitchen” centered around a wood-fired oven that will churn out pizzas and pasta. The Orlando Sun-Times notes that the restaurant is slated to open next February.

The expanded food menu at the upcoming McDonald’s outlet is an atypical move for a franchisee. Many McDonald’s franchise owners are upset with the company and have been calling for the restaurant to simplify its menu. They want to get rid of complicated programs like the Create Your Taste option and other hard-to-make items such as the McWrap.

Just so you know, McDonald’s pizza does indeed exist in the world

Do you dream of a world in which McDonald’s serves not just Big Macs and fries, but also pizza, pasta, and all other delicious Italian delights?

We have some marvelous news if you do. That world you dream of is REAL. And it’s in Orlando, Florida.

After being closed for redevlopment last summer, the world’s largest McDonald’s has just reopened. It’s two storeys high, has an area of nearly 19,000 square feet, and sits on 2.29 acres of land in Orlando, Florida.

Oh, and it has eight kitchens which offer a fancy new ‘create your taste’ concept, which lets customers customise orders of burgers and sandwiches – which is exciting enough as it is – but also pizza cooked in brick-fire ovens, pasta, waffles, and omelets.

Anyone lucky enough to pay it a visit will get to see their food being made right in front of their eyes, for an extra magical feel.

There’s also a 22-foot-tall play area with massive slides and 50 arcade games. For kids.

So basically, this is the best McDonald’s in the world and we need to visit, asap.

This McDonald’s Just Added McPizza’s To Its Menu

McDonald’s is set to make an upgrade, at least in Florida, by adding some popular Italian dishes to its menu. Orlando patrons will be among the few to get pizza and pasta at the new McDonald’s, reports Delish.

While some McDonald’s have trouble hanging on to a PlayPlace, this one will feature an additional arcade and the largest parking lot of any location in the country.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the new restaurant will have an “open kitchen” that features a wood-fired oven. Apparently chicken quesadillas might also be on the table.

In the late ’80s, you might remember that McDonald’s threw pizzas on the menu for a short while. Curious to see if the new pies are anything like those. They probably won’t be called McPizza, though.

The upcoming “super” McDonald’s on Orlando’s International Drive is expected to be upgraded around February 2016.

In this review I can be seen wearing a white Geoffrey Beene dress shirt, a dark blue and silver striped silk tie from Croft & Barrow, two Cross pens and a grey 6×1 double breasted suit from Hart Schaffner & Marx.

Review conducted by TheReportOfTheWeek.

September 24th, 2016.


The Red Colt says:

I live near the ohio McDonald’s that has pizza.

Crix says:

Now I want Pizza

tyler tyler says:

I’m the only one that still thinks McDonald’s is hella good


This reminds me of when Spongebob and Squidward deliver a pizza

Mohamed Tarek says:

This aiis running on empty , Foouud revieuuw.

Carson V says:

Can you review the new chicken parm sandwhich from Burger King please. Lol. Thanks!

Tim Dinan says:

“fooooood review” *cums*

Tyler Knutson says:

I live in Orlando. The world’s biggest McDonalds is awesome

Marvin Caballero says:

My heart hurts after watching this

Victwaaah non says:

I love himmmm

Chester The wolf says:

I love how your so calm, and not fat like the other “food review YouTubers”.



Blair Deveny says:

DEFINITELY different than the pizza they used to serve back when I was a kid!

DadLeft WhenIWas2 says:

Milk me daddy

Krav Hall says:

All hail Reviewbrah

hardsgonnafall says:

In the 90s they had pizza and it was amazing. I was a child but I recall it being a tiny pizza in a box and not large like this.

Frank Einstein says:

I love this man so much. God bless you, you well-dressed review man.

xXx_OOF_xXx Yeet says:

His voice is so soothing

Lone Wolf420 says:

Reminds me of stingy from lazy town

Jimbo Flamingo says:

review the krusty krab pizza its the pizza for you and me

TrollerFake says:

I can’t stop cringing

Ryocryte says:

This guy restores some of my hope for humanity.

Latettaja says:

“A cluster you know what”

Paddy B says:

this creepy kid makes me happy for some reason

CraZe Blade says:

lol he should review the subway pizza

Brendan Eades says:

I noticed the flag in the background is at half-mast and I checked the date that this video was uploaded and it was no reason to be at half-mast. Could you give me some incite as to why the flag is like that. Great review by the way!

Xentoro says:

Damn he eat that pizza so fast I couldn’t even make eye contact with a girl that fast

Gabens Sweet Rolls says:


The whitty boy says:

I look at him eat and I’m just like ‘Awwwwh, he looks so sweet!’

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