McDonald’s Signature Crafted Sriracha Burger – Food Review

On this very hot afternoon, I review the new signature crafted sriracha burger from McDonald’s. I am wearing a 1980’s grey Bill Blass suit, a white short sleeve dress shirt and a solid dark blue necktie from the 1940’s.


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CoRyThEcOoL says:

100 degree weather outside and wears a suit reviewbrah is a legend.

Koalii-Ikaika-Kekoa says:

Maybe you can beat the heat by losing the suit

Alex Chidiac says:

Did you say Starbucks water?

Jake Du Plessis says:

A prophet of God has descended from the Heavens…

Ivan Rodriguez says:

God spent extra time on him

John Doe says:

Your the only one who can do good food reviews.

Reptoid says:

when will you review the chicken parm sandwich from burger king?

Hero Rasseru says:

My life has now been changed.

PhagexLasher says:

I hope he gives me his tender baby greens

Dracula The Vampire says:

signature crafted did you guys see they put handcrafted coffee now

Tyler Williams says:

It would be awsome to see you review a mre

max chesse says:

Will you please do Burger King chicken parm?

mcmillen says:


Alex Chidiac says:

your aesthetic is so completely thorough and flawless, you are a god among men. You’re also a great food reviewer. You deserve good things in life 🙂

Gael Moreno says:

I’m actually really happy to see that you’re getting more views considering the fact that your videos are extremely well made

Koji 888 says:

8:25 – 9:15 Pure Gold.

SuperPwnageKen says:

u can never find a grown man eating for about 2 minutes anywhere

Preston Cook says:

That suit is so loose. It’s driving me crazy.

jon van dyke says:

Review braaaa. Are you transmitting secret CIA messages through your channel with shortwave? You may be the only hope!

Rose Purcell says:

I’ve never felt more so spiritually connected to a concept like this on YouTube. This guy is….art.

Marcel Hidalgo says:

Are you from Massachusetts?

Zyferion says:

This man has the guts to review the ballsiest foods on the market. +1 Respect

SugaryPotatosAreSuprisinglyGood. says:

05:06 jees

TitanRhino says:

can you say hi to ifunny

that guy with the ravioli says:

If the review brah replies, I can actually say I’ve spoken to God.

MiddlingFiber73 0 says:

Look up the word “legend” in a dictionary book and you’ll see a picture of Reviewbrah

Nicholas Newport says:

Damn dude nice greenscreen

Ed H says:

Running on empty?


I bet you’re the most popular guy at your school

SugaryPotatosAreSuprisinglyGood. says:

02:37 wow, I didn’t know McDonald’s was like that

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Reupload of the original.

robert sanchez says:

I love you

Joshua Furlong says:

It ain’t the easiest job, but someone has to do it. I salute you ReviewBrah

Alex Fiegl says:

This is the kid that would have you sued if you looked at him weird in school

jaz m says:

he’s so attractive my heart can’t handle this

VNV Girl says:

I saw you on my twitter through some weird connection link .. .and i saw this video and within the first 20 seconds, i knew i would like you ! <3

NwFly says:


Crybaby says:

“Is that the offspring?” oml

Robin Bullock says:

Can you legally re-broadcast a commercial radio station program?

jacobgets69s says:

When reviewbrah eats ass does he say “goin in”?

SuperPwnageKen says:


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