Moscow Plaza Food Court Review. My Favorite Fast Food Restaurant

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piyush pankhaniya says:

I mean it’s amazing to know all real facts of Russia with different Russia. Thanks for start this channel…

David A says:

I want to visit Russia… Americans LOVE Russia and its people (unless they voted for Hillary)

Question Mark says:

This made me wonder do you have Mexican, Thai
and American style Chinese food, restaurants in Russia? We have them here in Canada… Stupid question I know sorry!!

Chuck says:

What is the name of this music and the group singing it??

Rick Ferr says:

What is Russia’s official Religion?

gearwax says:

Ahh, I see the difference between Russia and America now. In America there would be a lot less people in the Mall and most of those food shops would be closed!



Talal Yafi says:


norma konya says:

I like what I see from you. Russia looks safe and peaceful. I would like to live there

Loren Wie says:

Hey guys. Can you make a video about Teremok? I was in St. Petersburg in November and was really curious about the “russian fastfood” 🙂 Thank you 🙂

HappyHandyLife says:

Now I’m craving a baked potato! That looks so delicious.

Mary Kelly says:

Welp, now I know I could survive in Russia… There’s a Burger King! My favorite fast food joint! Lol

Darlene Sjostrom says:

Black Friday!! Some stores try to do it in Canada, and I am so saddened by it. What does it have to do with us? It is the after the US Thanksgiving holiday, americans eating themselves silly and then so bored that they just wanted to go shopping. Do not like the commercial aspect of Americanism exported everywhere!

Talal Yafi says:

All big cities are now the same, I prefer small towns, villages and pure nature

Sharon Storm says:

After watching this I had to make me a baked potato. Looks so good.

vwvan says:

A man after my own heart.  Nothing slows down his eating.

Dragos Panescu says:

No much different here in Bucharest…globalization… the new temples of spending money for stupid goods… alienating new generation… sugest to read A. Huxley&Orwell books: “A new brave world and “1984” …

Kristine Marie says:

Same American fastfoods here lol, but your ball salads and cheesy potatoes look delicious, hope to taste one someday.

Jon Pulicicchio says:

The potatoes with the salad looks scrumptious. Interesting type of tea bag? LOL

Different Russia says:

Make a gift to your friends or relatives, order my Christmas Sweet Box 🙂 You will enjoy real Russian delicious sweets and support my project:) Thank you
All info here

ThrobbinHood says:

In an American mall, that meal would be $25USD .. wow it is expensive to be in America!

retrokiwi says:

Is Alex a willing participant in your videos? We enjoy your tours of Moscow and surrounding towns and villages.Will you be spending time at home in the Festive Season?Keep up your well edited and informative videos.

tokenjoy says:

What was the name of the “fast food” store where you bought your meal? Is it a chain restaurant in Russia? If so, I’d like to try something from that restaurant when I visit next Spring.

Hawkeye Airwolf says:

Thank you to Alex and you for this video. I don’t know who asked you to film the potatoes but that was a great idea. Those looked so good. Erin likes the potatoes with sour cream and bacon. I like just butter and pepper. Yum! I know what I am cooking tomorrow night. That is a great price for all that food. I like that food court and shopping center. Pacha.

Stuart OBryan says:

Does Alex speak English or only Russian.

marsha maggi says:

Valeria, I’m not sure at what time you and Alex make your shopping trips, but in the last several shopping videos it seems as if you leave to go in the afternoons, but is nighttime when you return home. Then I remembered that you have less daylight hours now. How many daylight hours do you now have in the winter? We have restaurants that have baked potatoes stuffed with goodies in the states, too. My favorite is broccoli, cheese and steak. Thanks for your interesting videos.

Valde // says:

An amazing video again!! Ha ha what does it mean : “kroshka kartoshka”- something with potatoes? 🙂

Pancho Villa says:

Sister, What is his highness, Duke of sheffield getting?

native speaker English teacher says:

those potatoes look so good

jalextiff says:

What is the name of the song and the artist name???

Dirk Sassen says:

For you to get paid for your videos, do we have to watch only one advertisement or does it help you that we watch more than one in full length in one video?

César Marambio says:

What a great solution for tea! I’ll try to eat one of those delicious potatoes when I go back to Moscow

Matt from Florida says:

Крошка Картошка looks bangin’! We don’t have any place like that here. There used to be a small chain like that about ten years ago. I guess I was the only one who kept them in business! In America they’d name it _Healthy Potato_ instead of _Little Potato_ Or maybe _Tasty Potato_
Cheers, Matt

BellRain Chan says:

In Canada our food courts represent most popular and the immigrants that move here to work. We unfortunately don’t have many Russians that move to British Columbia, so there is no fast food restaurants or stores that have Russian food. In my city, Sushi, Persian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, polish bakeries, Many fast food like McDonald’s and Health foods. There are ALOT of Coffee shops, Cafes and Tim Hortons.

francisco barajas says:

I am from Mexico & love Russia, forever Russia & Mexico

Kevin Olesik says:

mmm buttery baked potato , needs sour cream !

gambart2002 says:

awesome videos, thanks.

Rudy Texas says:

Hi from Texas, wow I’m so glad I found your channel. I’m from Texas so brought up to think Russians were war mongers. I’m glad to see your peace loving people like most Americans. I will be making a donation to your channel, love you.

William Albert says:

When you said sushi-pizza, my stomach did a flip-flop. ;-] Those potatoes sure look yummy!

iqbals777 says:

I got alot water in my mouth while watching this video. I can even die for this food. Great music and awsome video

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