My Favorite Food From Arby’s!

Today I try out a few of my favorites from Arby’s, including their Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and their NEW Mint Chocolate Shake. For those interested, you can get a 15% discount for my Merch at




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Kayla Milano says:

Its gween!


I see you are a man of culture as well. Buffalo chicken is also my favorite thing from arby’s.

Ur Mum says:

it’s still kind of funny how he’s so serious during a food review, and boi you must workout because you don’t look a least bit chubby or you’re one of those people who have a black hole stomach

Goronoo says:

I really like your suit in this video

Whats in Michaels Bag. says:

No Arbys here in Ireland

Jenny D says:

Drag and resistance, drag and resistance

Erik Ramirez says:

You are one UGLY mofo!

Timetraveling Historian says:

Love that houndstooth suit and that tie!

Eloy Garcia says:

This guy is a legend

MrAnthonyIII says:

I’ve always had the opposite experience with Arby’s sandwiches. They give me very little meat and only one measly piece of bacon, torn in half to count as “two”

Mohammed Alshuaibi says:

I love this guy but people be hating on him

k says:

i preferred last week’s host, when will he be back?

El_Chapin14 says:

Jamocha shake is my favorite from any chain.

David P says:

In Reviewbrah We Trust.

Pellude says:

Serious question, does he have a disability?

kwertea qwerty says:

I want to eat with you.

PinkishSombrero says:

more arby reviews! 😀

Kenz Marie says:

I adore this man so much that I let his ads play.

mickel7b says:

8:06 Reviewbrah is fading back into the 1940s

GorgeousRoddyChrome says:

Only ReviewBrah would make note of the “straw draw” of a milkshake. BEST rsviewer on YouTube!!!

Its ya boi Jcazares says:

*clap,clap* food, review

Michael Fitzgerald says:

This coat and tie combo is beautiful!

garbagetroll69 says:

dude that coat is fucking rad!

CDrummer Gaming says:

The shake is *GWEEN!*

2G says:


TheReportOfTheWeek says:

If you’ve ever been thinking about getting any Merch from my Teespring Store, I’ve got a 15% discount going until the end of the month. Really recommend you check it out ►

Ocean Current says:

I like your tie

luke salsbury says:

Have you been saved?

megan griffith says:

I like watching your reviews, as we don’t have things like Arby’s in my country

darrin cleary says:

Arby’s is the most underrated fast food place. Curly fries are OP. Roast Beef sandwiches amazing, buffalo sliders perfection, mozzarella sticks might be their best item. I personally get their turkey bacon ranch sandwich, tremendous. Spectacular fast food

AbsoluteFeminist says:

You would look perfect in a German waffen SS suit there’s a lot of German in you

Chris Aikey says:

this guy needs some sun

Alex Gray says:

how many bottles of gel do you use a day

Norwegian Blue says:

I live in San Diego and I have to say the Arby’s near my work seems very popular. They must have some kind of loyal following. I’m not much a fan myself. I can go down the street and get some seriously good Mexican food instead. Jersey Mike’s has better sandwiches. But I do agree that their shakes and pretty good.

nokillmore says:

fk albino rat

GreaterGamingReich says:

Put on an SS suit and I’ll subscribe.. you look like a German

Google+sucksballs says:

I only go to arby’s for the Jamocha shakes and turnovers.

Robin McDonald says:

My favorite food from Arby’s is the lamb Gyro. It tastes like a Gyro is supposed to taste. Its not quite as natural pita as typical but it a best buy. Be sure to order it with the traditional cucumber sauce. Do not buy the beef gyro. Its just Arby’s roast beef which is bland. The lamb is nicely seasoned.

MegaMuffin says:

hey dude love the suit pls fuck my wife i beg you

Darth Vader says:

I never used to like arby’s, but over the years, I’ve gained a certain appreciation and taste for a decent sandwich and a nice side of curly fries

OneSz999 says:

Why did he say the same intro twice?

kintamas says:

uhhh 7.0/10 ? so just 7/10

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