My Full Analysis of Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza

A full and detailed analysis of Little Caesars Stuffed Crust ExtraMostBestest Pizza!


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round viewa says:

Breath man jk

Content Aware Phil says:

Brah needs to switch his AF off.

Gabriel Mercado says:

They don’t got the DOUGH!

RiCEcooker Escada says:

I’m on a diet and this is making me kill myself

Ms. Nohotyoga says:

Where is your girlfriend

Mot Wormlimb says:

He chews with his front teeth

Robin H says:

dude you gotta make a tutorial on slicking your hair like that, it looks fantastic!

Impractical Imposters says:

This guy is the Mister Rogers of food reviewing

chalz108 says:

Reviewbrah why don’t you have a lady? I’m not kidding you make panties drop

jaws445 says:

f u l l a n a l y s i s.

Clément Bled says:

Awesome lighting in this one, it looks great!

Iriana and Anthony says:

This guy was probably picked on so much in high school and now he makes bank eating pizza. I love it.

SodaFen says:

Ever considered being a model?

Steam Demon says:

Nice radio show

Philly Dilly says:

Wtf is this channel..?

Doctor Derpington says:

His physical appearance reminds me of the Thin Man from X-COM Enemy Unknown 😛

Uranius Johnson says:

3 feet of cheese? Look, let’s get real here. That’s no way to be measuring cheese.

Anthony Kelly says:

You really make me laugh…carry on the good work..

brogin says:

I’m a close up pizza crust shot fanatic.

Tom Brennan says:

As a proud New Yorker, I would never reduce myself to a Little Caesars Pizza. But… #bluechalicebrigade

ItsPhezz says:

Its the blue glass!

Logan Perdue says:

review the skittles strawberry freeze from taco Bell please

russ01us says:

People actually watch this????

Nathan Robinson says:

As a former LC employee I have a recommendation for the stuffed crust. Ask for the “Crazy Crust” if you want more flavor. Crazy Crust is when they cover the pizza crust in the buttery garlic spread used on the Crazy Bread and then they will sprinkle Parmesan cheese onto the pizza crust for you. It essentially turns your pizza crust into Crazy Bread. FYI they charge extra for this at most stores.

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