Mystery Flavor Oreo Cookies – Food Review

Today I perform a detailed analysis on the flavor of the new Mystery Flavor Oreo Cookies.


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Talking Sith says:

I still can’t figure out if this guys I joking or not lol

Bee-lzebub says:

That lighting/background is amazing, makes me nostalgic

Maximo Llama says:

I thought it was Trix cereal

MrDolphinDiver says:

You need to review burger king’s new farmhouse burger

SomeMilk says:

holy sh** idk why but every time i watch ur video i feel peace, keep recording love ur videos

Olivia Nicole says:


whard says:

Are you on drugs? Your pupils are hella dialated.

Fox the Boy says:

I would genuinely love to be friends with this guy he seems chill af

ben hague says:

why does he do the intro twice? haha

PatsRule1224 says:

Why do you spend the first minute of the video pretending that Oreo is a failing product that is desperate to reinvigorate its sales?

“Nabisco Oreo was the second ranked cookie brand of the United States with about 674.2 million U.S. dollars worth of sales in 2017.”

Somehow I think they’re doing just fine.

Brayden Starkey says:

Does this guys actually have downs?

WhistleFest says:

I will marry this man

Xueq 2 says:

Reviewbrah sat prep words

There were more but I forgot

Afroswedish says:

I couldn’t stop smiling when he said “panic at the nabisco” love panic at the disco btw…

pillsareyummy says:

If a (young) Carl Sagan contemplated the mysteries of cookies …

Hannah is Band Trash says:

Panic at Nabisco. My favorite band. How’d you know.

Master Lamb Broadcasting says:

It’s okay reviewbrah, I understood your Panic! At Nebisco joke!

spraynardkruger3 says:

Panic! at Nabisco

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

A first for the channel, a food review and a mystery to solve all in one!

Father Anderson says:

This man in his own words just licked the Oreo “sauce” off two Oreos I’m dead

Kevin Nelson says:

How could it be sacrilegious when YOU are our religion Review Lord

Two Hands and a Radio says:

Fruity Pebbles… SO close but not right. I’ll let you know what it is after I win $50,000. Dive deeper…

AutumnFrost says:

You’re too pure for this world

Mad’s World says:

I love you more than my own family

Fresher2U says:

James Ellsworth from wwe.

Ivan says:

Water and Oreos!?

GermanCurl says:

Everyone is living in 2017, while this guy lives in 1917.

milk awm says:

I got an Oreos mystery ad

Sassy The Sasquatch says:

when he brought out the the blue chalice I was so happy

Ben Jammin says:

It’s either Fruity Pebbles or Trix, both taste about the same.. Fruit Loops maybe too

Fox the Boy says:

7:19 I love how he throws the cookie down like he just took a shot

Jonathan Cromlish says:

Do you take aderall?

Aaron H says:

When did Reviewbrah turn into a junkie? Look at his pupils nowadays wow!!!

Who Knows says:

No new review in days? You be slackin’, brah…

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