Nacho Fries from Taco Bell are Back!

I’m very excited that Taco Bell is bringing back their famous Nacho Fries! These fries also come with Nacho Cheese dipping sauce.




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Tommy Okuniewski says:

This is absolutely insane…

For Tobacco Use Only says:

Why the fuck doesn’t taco bell sponsor this nigga

Tommy Okuniewski says:

Is this channel a satire of capitalism? I am intrigued

Gunner James says:

You remind me of Sheldon from big bang theory not trying to be mean

david burrus says:

That wink, though…

Susan B says:

When everyone was doing reviews, I went to taco bell and ordered them. The lady didn’t know what I was talking about. I left..

Ramirez says:

Also he has to show us his hip hop playlist !

Ramirez says:

This dude is the real Randy Marsh. Secretly hes Lorde.

Adam Green says:

Seems like a great guy!

Your average Female says:

Will you be my friend

PutTheKeysUpOnTheTable says:

look at this pimp

Chris Musix says:

The Fries Are Back!!

Jake Backlund says:

Your not as funny as you used to be

soulless says:

but why the wink tho!? w-why the wink!? WHY DID HE WINK THO

The Lunch Files says:

I can’t wait to get these fries again! Pure nacho excitement!

Nize Dat says:

My g

The gaming nerd 123 says:

The first time I tried get the freaking fries I almost died in a car wreak

Choctawnic says:

This guy always keeps me in the loop. I’ve tried so many things at ff places I would’ve otherwise had no idea were a thing. Thanks! It’s been interesting!

Janssen McCormick says:

Reviewbrah, I’ve been following your “one meal of several bites of a single fast food item per day” diet for the past two months and I’ve lost 20lbs. Thank you, Brah.

ThisIsntWonderland says:

Good video, but couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t upgrade the Baja Blast, it’s only 25 cents you should do it next time you visit.

Reese Matoya says:

We make these at my restaurant lol we cut our own fries and fries them after we bring them up we shake them with our house spice seasoning and serve with nacho cheese

Mia garcia says:

I honestly love how formal you are. I just discovered you. And now u got a new sub.

Frenzzy Gamez says:

Bro why you look like oh on LSD and crake

samantha rose says:

New suit who dis

Toy golden Freddy Nascar review channel says:

How do you stay so skinny

Gman And ham says:

I love watching the evolution of your videos

Matthew Fox says:

Do you smoke weed, ReviewBrah?

aa chaz says:

Nice suit! 🙂 Okay, now I’m gonna go drive and get some of these.

Landry Bruder says:

Haha, good one reviewbrah 3:20

The Butler says:

*tick tock tick tock*

Renée Versailles says:

Okay but why have I fallen for this man? HOW have I fallen for this man?

Miranda Thomas says:

You ate half the fries on your way home….

Chesh The Cat says:

Yeah I COULD unsubscribe from Review Bruh….BUTAMIGONNA!?!?

Christian the ruller of the multi-verse says:


kh_entox says:

I thoroughly enjoyed an apple pie from A&W to this holy oracle of sight, thank you.father

Aisslin Garcia says:

I love you

ArkadiosTheodulus says:

has reviewbrah ever made a compilation video of his favorite foods? or something like a top 10 favorites? would make a great video if he hasn’t

tastysauce says:


Brittany Venti says:

Can confirm, Nacho fries are the best thing at taco bell.

Nolen Sellwood2 says:

I was waiting for him to say. “My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined”

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