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It’s fast food Friday food review time once again, and today l try the new Domino’s ground pork pizzas, the Chilli Pork Pizza, and the BBQ Pork and Onion Pizza, one of my subscribers left a comment to ask if l would do a review on them, so let’s see what they look like, how big they are, what they taste like, and give them a score out of 10!
Do you know Lenny the dog? Lets see if we can find his owners.

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Kenny Quinton says:

Do u have a Wendy’s or A&W in Australia

All About Birds & More TV says:

Last week I paid $70 bucks on KFC for what poison never agin

Kuroperrock says:

Thanks for the Review Gregorio. Too bad Dominos went out of business in my country. :'(
But that looked tasty!

John Karavitis says:

Aren’t all you Australians cannibals? WTF is Pizza Hut doing in Australia???


baddies in the background

Megan Carter says:

Please adopt the beach dog. He’s a good boy.

Michael Romanis says:

I really like your camera quality mate

Rob12408 says:

Lucky Dog.

Bowesy says:

that pizza looks and so nice and this video is so funny

Cricket Blaster says:

What we’re you doing in liquorland

450b says:

Thats so cheap!

LadyDietrich1901 says:

Spicy? Yikes!!! Hahahaha

Why Zen? says:

Any pizza that doesn’t have the traditional tomato sauce really puts me off. Especially the BBQ sauce pizzas. Very sickly along with all the cheese and meats. Bleh…. Gotta say though, in the UK, 2 pizzas that size would easily be £10+. They look as though they’re amazing value.

All About Birds & More TV says:

I rate dominos 9/10 overall and Pizza Hut yet to score due to video coming next week

monique carrick says:

my mum loves your shit

Simon Metin says:

You would honestly make Masterchef Australia worth watching again for me.

– Judge: “So Greg, what are you cooking for us in this mystery box challenge?”
– Greg: “Not sure really, I got some BBBUUUDDDAAAHHH though so something will happen.”

All About Birds & More TV says:

I hope that the wold never ends this year or in the near future because if it does well good bye dominos

Code Keem says:

what happened to Greg the gardener?

marias big apple says:

Haven’t tried these pizzas yet Greg – but at my local Domino’s in Victoria we’d only get 1/3 of the toppings. It’s comical – especially watching customers come back demanding that their pizza’s get re-made. I don’t mind the choc malt thick shakes though. Very thick.

Pete &Pete says:

I wish I could take my cats to the beach

Steve Tici says:

Do they have the chilli pork anymore? Don’t see it being advertised?

Lynda Rose says:

Looks good. I am in ARIZONA, US so wonder how it compares.

Paddy says:

Greggoo and dogggooo

Venombeyond says:

Hey Greg. New to your videos, recently subbed too. Loving them man, you’re an awesome cook and a great guy. Just wanted to say though, I hope the pizza you gave the Dog had no onions on it. Onions are toxic to dogs, cause kidney failure in them. I’m not like, upset or yelling, just informing you cause it’s something folks need to be careful about.

West Aussie says:

They look ok. But can’t beat homemade 🙂

Cricket Blaster says:

Try the hungry jacks 2 for $5 burger deal (try the chicken royal and the hash brown burger) plz

lalos says:

how the hell is so nice there in the winter????

Hélène Staley says:

I like thin and crispy with-OUT the onions and pork. But if you like it — sure it is fine for meat-eaters. Thin and crispy crust is the best one from Domino’s — but covered in as many vegetables they chop.

All About Birds & More TV says:

I just had dominos pizza today I had there pizza it was the best I could just not stop eating it I want more but I’m getting Pizza Hut next week to see if it’s even better then dominos

skymailer37 says:

Should have sandwiched them together!

KoRnBaKo says:

That is an AMAZING price for two pizzas that size. Especially coming from Domino’s!!

In Ireland, Domino’s is a complete rip off so I don’t order from them.

Just converted $10 Australian to Euro and it’s €6.71. FOR TWO PIZZAS!!!!! Incredible haha!

13RacingPigeons says:

huh. wowie. i’ diden’t nkow yew haid pitsas’s in austilasia is’s yer lounch the saime tyime as’s owers’s ovir here’e an dew yeou eet breapfist in t’he mournin ore nite’e evritying is’s upsyde doun their. i nevir had’d cow pourk dous it’t taiste lieke rinopserus cause i now yew eet thouse in austrilasia. eet sum dingoes’s.

GameplayJenny says:

Hungry now!!

thickbrianq says:

Big pizza for $5.00, I am a Porkaphile, I am proud of being Porkcentric!

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