NEW DOMINO’S POUTINE Food Review – Fast Food Friday – Greg’s Kitchen

Domino’s Pizza has a new side dish, POUTINE! I am one of the first to try it, so let’s take a look at it and give it the taste test!

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Shane Cause Stone cold Said So! says:

4:10 – 4-30 Do you eat pussy like that?

Bailey Smith says:

are you in the gold coast? surfers?

Ta4rtje games says:

your a good youtuber keep on going

Brett Johnson says:

haha i new greggoo you would like this one haha

Tommy's Cooking Channel says:

Did you like the poutine you made or the Domino’s poutine better?

Jamie P says:

please go back to your original content, this forced / fake persona doesn’t suite you at all.

Qincey Moana says:

bro have you ever heard the saying sharing is caring

David Rose says:

Oh hell yer they are devine

Karen Edwards says:

yeaaahhhh…..poutine doesn’t have beef on it. glad you enjoyed it though.

Ben Bradley says:

Hi Greg, I’d like to see you try Subway’s Meatball Sub. Try it with mozzarella and toasted. It’s delicious!
Cheers from

Ken Givens says:

No poutine here in Long Beach CA. 🙁 But….. Ok you got me. I’ll subscribe. 🙂

BaronVonBetho says:

Okay, Greg’s Kitchen that looks and sounds just like… Tommy’s burgers chilli cheese fries! what a rip off, but you make is sound sooo much more Treemendious. From California, when you come visit be sure to make time to stop buy and enjoy our favorite chili cheese fries you will be happy all the way home

douglas anger says:

this review felt forced. i can’t help but feel that domino’s might have had a hand in it.

djavocard says:

2 4 6 8… Dig in don’t it ..

TerminatoR99 says:

Quebecer here! Basic idea of a poutine but the ground beef isn’t part of the “Classic” poutine 🙂 That being said, you can add all sorts of things on top and just keep on making it better 😀

Chris Pellatt says:

LOL my old stomping ground. Can’t remember if it’s the same business but I used to always go to the kebab shop on the corner then head down to the beach down the road to enjoy.

doyouliketowatch says:

You can never go wrong with cheese curds on anything, being in Canada you can buy it pretty much anywhere but the best stuff is from the cheese factory (yeah pretty obvious). But it’s also not refrigerated which is where I think the taste and freshness differs

not kaitlyn says:

I live in Canada why tf don’t we have this here…

Addam82 says:

Well I need me some pouting

Heh Meh says:

Greg my name is dan give me a nickname

Ladybug1225 Ronnie47 says:

you are so funny! i love your videos

Yolanda Ambrosine says:

You have obviously been paid to say all pros and no cons

Ron Giles says:

Got I love your videos.

james hartley says:

but we all know gregs homemade poutine recipe is the best 😉

Fast Food Review Guy says:

We don’t have this in the U.S., at least not in my neck of the woods.

tiria dawsill says:

all those noises you’re making greg ! Man you are so funny making me laugh bro!

Nazriya Nisha says:

Pls do a copycat!!!!!!!!!

Zorg Buckleberry says:

I got it, had no gravy, barely any chips, a teaspoon of beef. wasted my money

Greg Hussey says:

Come to Kaybec and get the real thing.

Rustyfishplate says:

my nigga greg

luke morphett says:

DOMINO’S CEO looks just like this guy wtf

Mike Jarrett says:

Your avatar actually looks like tom kerridge.

Chris Cuthbertson says:

I think they may have just put Mozzarella on that.

jasmoran66 says:

Does putting on the eyeglasses improve the taste at all? It’s said that we eat in part with our eyes.

Zilod says:

fuck u

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