Fast food Friday food review time and today l drive on in to Hungry Jacks, aka Burger King, to try the new Whopper with the lot! Let’s see what exactly it is you get on a Whopper with the lot, dissect it, and give it a score out of 10!


Five60x- says:

Oi Greg mate serious question: Are you gay?

T. T. Freckleton says:

That part at 2:52 is the most Aussie ocker way I’ve ever heard the word “tomato” said. Beauty

Marke Enkel says:

$10.65! after gagging on the price you could of used that drink for an extra 35c, no wonder she asked twice

ps the first time she ask was in regards to just the burger, the second time was in regards to the entire menu

kali205 says:

“I’m sure after I’ve finished it I’ll be wishing that I hadn’t eaten it”. Describes every Hungry Jacks meal I’ve ever had.

Jocelyn Wright says:


superspeeed says:

i had one of these it was bloody awful

Michael Ramirez says:

hearing “that’s what she said” out loud is so satisfying. thanks greg!

Ron Krzaczyk says:

austrailians remind me of Canadians they have their own way of speaking english

Dr. Turkey says:

Jeez Louise over $8 USD for a burger

Paivi Project says:

Pretty good score for that $10+ burger. I have never had a whopper and I might just skip tasting that monster too….oooh NO now Hubby wants to go to Burger King to see if they sell that thing over here. THANKS GREG Lol. 😀 😉

steel jaw says:

I miss the 2 whoppers for $3 days.

Chrism Chin says:

Thats not a bad cost really. I recently ordered a half pounder from a local takeaway and it cost me GBP 7.95 (approx. AUS 13.12)! And it was nothing like the Hungry Jacks burger you had, it was ok but nowt to write home about. P.S. you may be too young to remember, but did you ever get a kids meal that came with musk flavour Hubba Bubba? It was a very long time ago lol, been many years since I was last in the great country of Oz =)

Gaz 00 says:

What I want to know is why Burger King is called Hungry Jacks in Australia.

Jarrad Dove says:

you’re not Aussie unless you smoke cones! I’m packing one now


Greg if you ever come to Perth I’d shout some cones hahaha

Lenah709 says:

The dripping and shedding of bits of lettuce, tomatoe, onion etcetera is why I don’t eat in the car but always go inside and sit at a table and after finishing the food go to the restroom to wah my hands with water and soap (and sometimes half my face too)
Nice positive review, even positive about the negatives, I like that!

Alex Kenny says:

Still searching for the “Hello” button

purple haze says:

go greggo you bloody little rippa. should be called whopper with the half. not the lot

Simon Henry says:

oh yeah, what a bloody coincidence, this video featured a Whopper with the Lot ad in the intro – spooky stuff this YouTube

Falko Ewald says:

You really want pineapple on a burger? Yuck!!! Then again… pinapple on anything is terrible…

limosine says:

Havent seen you enjoy a burger THAT much in a looong time!

Smurai Productions says:


hoof arted says:

You’re a funny fukka Grego !!! By the way….Hungry Jacks is total SHIIITT !!!!

Damion Miller says:

They call that a “hangover” burger here in America, the type of burger though, this isn’t found at BK.

John Karavitis says:

Unemployed Aussie loser Greg drives to Burger King. Yes, THIS is what the Internet was created for!

Ben says:


Uatemydoodle says:

*Pushes fingers into every liquid in the burger possible*
“Oh, man… what a messy burger. It gets everywhere…”
I wonder why…

Tom Presto says:

Nice steering wheel

abbyd711 says:

so what your are saying is don’t wear your prom dress in the car and eat one of these big sandwiches?! LOL MESSY

Paddy says:

I need to shit just from looking at that thing…

James Taylor says:

no beet root on it?

Shannon Goatcher says:

I really love these food reviews!

Gary Lum says:

It needs pineapple and beetroot

Barrenger says:

BEETROOT! Is it too much to ask for?

Simon Henry says:

new car Greggo or is this one from the showroom?

04paok says:

Keep re awesome reviews comin Greggo!!

N'Golo Kanté says:

That’s what she said

Cooper May says:

Great vid greg, bit of a rip but. But it would be good with some cones haha.

Alfie Gilmour says:

How are you and Bernice?

chiangmaipies says:

Ah Greg, the master of double entendres! 😛

Calum Mcgaw says:

Nearly 150k

Mario Menendez says:

Greg-O loves meat and mayo all over his face. Great review mate!

Luke_Denny says:

Pretty much always cheaper buying the meal Greg. xD

SaintZ says:

Its massive this thing (Thats what she said). Sneaky Greg. Sneaky.

SeeU2NYT Maybe says:

Can you do a oporto burger review

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