New KFC Triple Bacon Burger Review – Greg’s Kitchen Australian Fast Food Reviews

Today for fast food Friday food reviews I try out the all new KFC Triple Bacon Burger ! Lets see what’s in it, how much it is and give it a taste test!
Greg’s Kitchen


motherofthedrummers says:

Jesus Greg…..mega munchies here now…..and no KFC around here.. LOL
Merry Christmas Greg!

samuski36 says:

Wow, that actually looks really good! Merry Christmas Greg O! 😀

Youtube Admin says:

try coles new Special Burger Sauce. tastes just like big mac sauce

Brandon Taylor says:

R u going to be doing food reviews next year

BigStar1244 says:

That’s the Pterodactyl sauce!

Hanna Weber says:

I want 1 or 2!

The Buchanan Family says:

That’s like just the perfect amount of bacon 🙂

David Dunn says:

Merry Christmas Greg O!!

Robert Emswiler says:

Merry Christmas to all

Chris says:

Hey Grego, not sure if you noticed or if anyone has commented but on the wrapper it said with baconaise. Bacon mayo maybe? Merry Christmas Greg.

KoRnBaKo says:

Have a very Merry Christmas, Greg & Bernice. 🙂

DrPhu says:

5:21 It’s Called Baconnaise Sauce 5:21

Disco Lunatic says:

Original? Greggo I love you mate but that is a sin

Paul Scotter says:

fantastic as always Grego….keep up the great work in 2018 mate ,for now Happy xmas to yourself and Bernice,and a Great New Year

Lewis says:

2:10 What she said

explorermap says:

The bloke in front ordered eggnog, obviously.

z y says:

Greeting’s from the UK Geg. Great video mate

Paivi Project says:

Hello. Hah haa Who needs a drink. Everything that is bad you all together in 1 bun…sometimes you just got to have some bacon on a bacon burger. I have not tried that burger and I don’t think we can get that here in USA. Merry Christmas Greg ! 😀

Cassie Bozeman says:

Merry Christmas , Greg! Love you !!

AusPearlJammer says:

” the combination of everything bad for you”. That sold me, thanks Greg.

Anas Osama says:

are you one of those healthy food fags

Brendan Livingston says:

I’ve tried it and tastes amazing!

gangis79 says:

Merry baconariansismmmm, Top job mate!


sorry mate but it looks like shite lol hope its better then it looks.we don’t get them here in the UK .I thought you was about to have a orgasm lol

Mathew Walworth says:

Greg do you have a Big boy’s if you do you should do a review on their burgers they are so good

BeardedGod says:

this upsets me so much. I live in kentucky and we don’t have the awesome KFC triple bacon burger

TheStwat aka Stuart Wright says:

Marry Christmas to you and yours, GregO 🙂

Mercedes Benz says:

Poor guy..missing out on lord of the fries..

Koji 888 says:

“”It’s Tastey”. Oh yaaaaaaa

Jumpo says:

Ahaha, the Pterodactyl Burger part cracked me up xD

English Heart says:

Merry Christmas mate.

ihave7sacks says:

Zinger all the way Greg.

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