Fast food Friday food review time once again, and today l head to Hungry Jack’s, AKA Burger King, to try the new (((Baconator Whopper)))! Lets use the ol drive thru, buy one, see what it looks like, see what it tastes like, see how much it costs, and give it a score out of 10. ASMR version.


Paivi Project says:

Freaking topping cheaters lol 🙂 I would be mad too ! 🙂

Wilbur Worm says:

Love your work, funny stuff. Keep it up

Chris Payne says:

You Beauty

Skye Meredyth says:

We have an online training thingo but hardly anyone does it

Omar Ramlawie says:

Greg you should make some merchandise

Mido2 Alzokm says:

I love your videos so much

ArgaAnders says:

Oh yuck at 5:51! The patty looks like it got leprocy! WTF do Hungry Jack´s do to their burgers down under, and what kind of meat is it? Plagueridden platypus?

david eirth says:

9:07 “That’s what she says”

poolehart says:

Is it worth me coming to get one, from England? My bike has a flat tyre so I’d have to walk/swim.

Frederick König says:

Greg, think of all the tourists who go to Domino’s and to Hungry Jack where they don’t get what was promised! Then those tourists go home telling their tourist rip off story… The Australian Tourism Board should go to Hungry Jack to tell them to work how they had promised by putting all ingredients in their burgers… Hungry Jack, it is good for your and the Australian reputation if you work correctly!
At least you got some napkins.

margaret manuel says:

Hello Greg you are funny. Oh dear those finnnnngers gross!!!! Hey good show. 🙂

Andrew L says:

Man, Aussie bacon being ridiculously huge, that’s already a lot of bacon.

Side note, tonight I’m making pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon….mmmmmm…

01silky1 says:

Fuck Me You Can Take A Bite
Bet Your Miss Love THAT LoL

TruFantom21 says:

What would make these reveiws heaps better is if Greg would stop acting like a f@#kwit whilst giving them.

Megan Roberts says:

No we dont, we have a job system called JEDI where we do our trainjng and learn how to make the products and all the specifications of the job

superspeeed says:

I went to HJ after I watch this Greg… I repeated twice that I wanted a BACONATOR. After a few tries the guy got it, and I drove around.. ELEVEN DOLLARS SEVENTY. WHAT. THE. FUCK. The stupid chick kept asking if I wanted a whopper with cheese and bacon…? WHAT? I said “Baconator”. I think because she was indian she simply didn’t understand this kind of word. Then the manager came out and was like ” ok that’s ELEVEN DOLLARS SIXTY” I’m like dude I just paid… he’s like OH SORRY and gives me TEN CENTS CHANGE….W H A T??? Finally I’m given a bag. I can tell instantly it’s not what I ordered, there is no “Box”, it’s a wrapped burger. When I got home I opened up this disgusting sloppy mess.. it was.. RANK. Fucking filthy whopper with a couple bits of bacon on it, absolutely drowning in different sauces.. practically inedible. I’m DONE with hungry jacks. FUCKING DONE. That place is a disgrace that needs to be demolished.

John'L Rosales says:

Cmon Grego they make minimum wage Really????

wendalboy says:

How much bacon was missing? I didn’t catch it…

Flamecrew9 At roblox says:

I just released i have have been watching George for 2 years now and i sub on the first day.

1234pcorr says:

trademark Baconator of wendys . HJ will be getting in the shit, for copy right

Christine Caistor says:

Email them i would love to hear their response.

Sue Smith says:

Off subject. Can you do a food review on Pita Pit?

miseriacanterai says:


John'L Rosales says:

What does Australia money look like???

oliver Reimers says:

Gregggggg you are the best

James B. says:

I’m confused…. is hungry Jack’s a burger king lol ??


Fuck me you take too long to it the thing

Hadamona says:

U need to make a baconator copycat recipe, and that’ an order.

Azztronaw says:

I got one with 4 pieces of cheese and 2 pieces of bacon

paladin0150 says:

Good on ya mate

Simon Henry says:

thought Ms B smashed the scales Greggo?

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