Papa John’s ☆PHILLY STEAK MELT☆ Sandwich Food Review!!!

NEW! Papa John’s ☆PHILLY STEAK MELT☆ Oven-Baked Sandwich. ONE of FIVE new sandwiches the worldwide pizza giant is offering in select markets. I got an EARLY RELEASE of this sandwich at my local Denver Papa John’s. The Philly starts with premium steak, green peppers, onions, provolone cheese and ranch all atop a beefy, hefty, thick 8-inch baguette! It’s then oven-baked to golden perfection and available at select locations nationwide!

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speterj says:

Damn. It’s 4am and you are making me so hungry. Must try today!

Eric Arellano says:

Could it better without the ranch? It’s the only thing that sounds like it really doesn’t belong

Brother Rob says:

You looked like you were about to whip out your schlong while enjoying your sub but realize the camera was recording

newfnshow031 says:

Looks pretty small to me

OneManArmy says:

Sandwiches are actually a test market item. The one I work at doesn’t sell them, but thankfully, since they are test marketing the steak sandwiches, we can sell our best selling Philly cheesesteak pizza.

B P says:

I must say.. That Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich looked really good with a good portion of meat. Think I will try.

Midwest Guy says:

It’s not here in North Texas yet I was actually looking forward to buying it

Layton Minnix says:

Thanks Justin for the review, it really looks good for a Pizza Place Philly Cheese Steak. Looking forward to the Italian Hero Pizza Review now!

Taon Sauls says:

Ranch dressing on a philly cheese steak, where they do that at in philly?

CJ Cutter says:

Looks like a good Philly Justin!

Michelle Muncie says:

Ouch you’re killing me!!!! Wow that looks delicious. You do the papa proud.

duncan spencer says:

spunk a little bit in pants?

Diesel Moore says:

Beast mode gotta try this 1

voteZDLR says:

The problem is nobody outside of people on the East Coast I will say know how to make authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. Not a single corporate pizza chain does, either. This looks no different. HOWEVER it does look pretty damn good. I can’t wait till they arrive at all stores even though I told myself I’d never buy Papa Johns again after the racism incident. But yeah it always makes me laugh seeing people all over the country advertising cheeseteaks cause 95% of the time they’re not what I now know to be a real cheesesteak after living on the East Coast for 5 years when I was finishing high school. Now that I’ve left it’s that (cheesesteaks), local Italian pizzerias where you could buy gigantic homemade pizzas by the slice or “pie” as they call it, and Wawa are the only three things I miss about the Northeast. I was in NJ though, so that didn’t help.

Brandon Washburn says:

I’ve never thought of having ranch on a steak and cheese. Intrigued though…

Kevin Bonville says:

Had to change channel today cuz I almost barfed with big night left all that crap all over you’re face with no napkins. Lol oops some one forgot to look. Lol love big night but geez back down aliitle shouldnt see you’re dinner smears all over y&ou’re face still. I will not unsubscribe. Youre awsome just felt like bustin. On you abit!!!!!
Great job

john jackson says:

You remind me of how a snake dislodges its jaw to devour a rat, I hope papa John’s is paying you for advertisement, after watching your video five of us loaded up and headed to papa John’s for the cheese steak we all agree it’s a ten

Tender Sheep says:

You didn’t need them to cut it in half.. you ate half in the 1st BIG BITE!!!*

J T says:

That’s a thick 8 inches

TheOvereasy123 says:

The toasting on that bread looks Fantastic.

Strung Out says:

Looks incredible for the price. When I get this I’m asking them to add jalapenos and mayo instead of ranch.

Big D says:

BIG BITE!!!!! I wonder if they do that philly steak here in Ireland i’ll be pissed if they don’t 🙂

Nathan Walker says:

Papa Bless


Hi,your young daughter so cute.

Outlaws Generation says:

I need to try papa Johns Philly Cheesesteak looks really tasty Justin. Now I am totally hungry.

Stew Pitt says:

I am really confused with car food reviewers with their lack of supplies in their cars. Why don’t you keep a bunch of napkins in your car? Walk into a fast food joint and snag a bunch haha

lucas mcquillan says:

Looks amazing big bite

That Was Easy!! Rocio Gaitan says:

Holy Man!! That Was a BIG BITE!! That looks amazing!! why do you do this to me….. just why…

Mda87 says:

I came back for another


Hi,I really like your good video,Because you are so amazing and enjoy your eat time,god bless your family and best wishes,All the best.

Cash Shane says:

Go to pats my friend this is shit. Come to philly man!

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