Papa John’s NEW! ☆ITALIAN HERO PIZZA☆ Food Review!!!

Papa John’s released their NEW! ☆ITALIAN HERO PIZZA☆! Pepperoni, Salami, Banana Peppers, Onions, Italian Dressing and a 3-Cheese Blend piled high! Available in Original or Thin Crust in a Large for a special promotion price of $10! Stop being an armchair warrior on the internet and order this pizza today to be a real Italian Hero! Only for a LIMITED TIME!!!

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Yo Neighborhood Shooter says:

I love the Italian sub but now it’s in pizza form I’m getting that

sushiyama1 says:

I work at Papa Johns myself so I’m bored of their pizza yet you have the ability to make even me want to order this pizza lmao, good job

Paulie Gualtieri says:

They steal all of our art, meatballs, pasta, buffalo mozerell..they ate pootsie before we gave them the gift of our cuisine.

lovelife02 says:

Watching you eat at first made me think I was watching a pizza challenge lol

Layton Minnix says:

For 10 bucks that is a Great Deal! Can’t believe the amount of cheese on that Bad Boy! Got to try this one!!!

Montatora501 says:

Just had that for dinner! Delicious!

Peronimous Pratt says:

I had that the other day I didn’t like the sauce that much, but it was ok, if regular sauce would have been better

Mr. Pop Culture says:

John C. Reilly??

Pete Haviland says:

didnt think you could get negitive on italians on a food show…congrats!!!

Toothsome Discoveries says:

That pizza looks so good! I wish our papa johns hadn’t closed!

girlsrockurboyz says:


Lawrence Spies says:

Ordered one with extra sauce and pepperoni on top of the cheeses so the pepperoni can get a bit of crisp to it. Amazing! Thin crust is next!

Oliver Haywood says:

Damn this is right up my alley. Will have to try this especially for $10. Nice review as always my dude!

nowzthetime says:

Dominos is gonna put the jon out of its pathetic misery

A M says:

That NJ accent lmao

Peter Hughes says:

This looks really good but i miss the Philly Cheesesteak pizza. Bring it back, papa!!

Clarence Boddicker says:

Bomb sexy

steve mcdaniel says:

Papa Johns sucks!

While you read my long name I steal your Cookies says:

tried it, tastes like shit

Uncle Chuckles says:

mad amounts of,commercials for this today.. College football is finally here.. amazing

Kam Mike says:

The buffalo chicken pizza is my fav

lucas mcquillan says:


Forest Vance says:

Was wondering about that sauce my guy

Adam Short says:

I’m here all new!!!!

ArchAngel says:

No other food reviewer I’ve ever seen makes the food sound as delicious as Justin does. Man I could go for an Italian hero right now.

King Peyton Vlogs says:

Love your videos man.

Rosemary Clare says:

Good grief. Excellent.

cubs0110 says:

Looks like something I’d try if it was anywhere besides Papa Johns. Yuck!

Delph the white bul says:

Gene hackman’s brother lol

ButNot As says:

Uploaded 1 hour ago,80th Like,GIVE ME SUM LUV JUSTIN! #notificationsquad #BIGBITE

JoeCnNd says:

Taste like Olive Garden salad.

KroniK FlyHigh says:

Papa John’s is amazing

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