Papa John’s NEW! ☆Jack O’Lantern Halloween Pizza☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Papa John’s ☆Jack O’Lantern PUMPKIN Pepperoni Pizza☆ This 14″ Thin Crust is molded it’s squash sidekick shape, artfully and carefully by its masters. Layered with blood sauce, red rings of death and black olive eyeballs, this SCARY and SPOOKY SQUASH can be yours for the low-low of 11 doll hairs. Uncut, uncircumcised and ready to enter your gates of ghoulish gastronomy. Available only for a Limited Time during the Halloween Season! BOO BITE!!!

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Lance Tieger says:

Awesome fold!!!! Fast food pizza.

Mda87 says:

That was a monster bite

tony mayne says:

This was awesome man

Benty H says:

This dude sounds like a surfer and kinda looks like John C. Reilly

Josh Sparr says:

Great video Justin u nailed it

Genis 85 says:

It’s like watching a beaver chew down a tree.

skull clot says:

And it’s uncut just like out of the womb! Lool!

Brother Rob says:

the budget here in this video is still a considerably high quality to that of the shit budget it took to make tales from the hood 2.

zakelwe says:

As Dracula once said

“Big Bite”

scott inglis says:

Now THAT was a big bite!

Brandon says:

I got real nervous at 3:43 that you were about to lose some valuable cheese and pep off the front. Good review bro.

cubs0110 says:

Looks cool, but it’s still papa johns… lol

JӦYの貓 says:

Oh my goodness

Dontrell Hardwick says:

That was one major Big Bite for real

We Are God says:

I was about to shut this video off with all that talking up front oh, but this was hilarious.


Its my 21st bday y’all wish me luck

Ren Fluffies says:


Leroy Jenkins says:

Half a pizza in 2 big bites, nice lol

Tyrone Wiggins says:

Omg, the Levar Burton “Reading Rainbow” shoutout/reference was beyond J dawg!

Joey's #1 Muchacho says:

Maybe it was just the lighting but looked over cooked.

SIA Investigations Team says:

He takes his first bite at 3:00.

christy rayford says:

Your an awesome actor!

gerardo Cordoba says:

Que buena pizza saludos desde argentina!

Lisa Gee says:

I don’t like Papa John’s pizza, but I like your vids.

Cheryl Preston says:

And THAT is how the calzone was born! Great creepy intro!

Dontrell Hardwick says:

I love Papa John’s Pepperoni and Sausage with 3 Garlic Sauces Yummy

Fonzie says:

What daaaaaaaa hheewwwllllll

codye541 says:

For white people only

Anatoly A says:

Джастин, показывай цены, пожалуйста, в каждом видео. А то бывает, что ты даже показываешь чеки, но там не видно цены. И меню тоже показывай

Zack F says:

they should do a pumpkin infused crust pizza. It’s very doable

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