Papa John’s NEW! ☆XL MEATBALL PEPPERONI PIZZA☆ 3-cheese blend, Meatballs, Pepperoni and Italian Seasoning…this is Papa John’s NEW 2019 MEATBALL PEPPERONI PIZZA and I got it in an EXTRA LARGE 16-inch Hand-Tossed style. Part of Six-New Specialty Pizza’s introduced for 2019 here for a LIMITED TIME! BIG BITE!!!

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Amos Presley says:

*My mood swings for great food and drinks plus don’t forget about the napkins, forks, straws, also spoons.*

Shawny Mac says:


Justin McCulley says:

Hey Justin I got a request. Can u do a chucke cheese see if the rumor is true about the recycling pizza plzzz

Critical Eats Japan says:

Wow! Big bite! I am jealous of your access to amazing pizza

Jordan Thomson says:

must say it does look good ~~Big Bite~ well yu have 2 for a big pizza 🙂

WilsonEatsASMR says:

Awesome review Justin…that looks so killer good, sitting here jealous and hungry…..looks like a 9.5- perfect 10 to me. BIG BITE! don’t drop your balls!

zachary spaulding says:

I wish someone would start selling that garlic sauce in stores

Basin79 says:

Big bite? No, gigantic bite.

Thomas terbanc says:

That looked amazing. I want to get it, but I’m about 100% sure mine wouldn’t be made as well as yours.

2klegend says:

1 bite everyone knows the rules

Brett N says:

Another fantastic big bite, and another fantastic review. Cheers! Just be careful about losing balls

G P says:

You’re the best man!

OMG 420 says:

Top gun high 5 for justin!

Jason says:

Just ordered this after watching. I COULDN’T HELP IT!

scraw2002 says:

tastes like a frozen pizza cooked in a pizza oven

Adam Moreno says:

Just saw a papa johns meatball pizza ad before the video….nice

Clarence Boddicker says:

I think Justin’s a great guy and why any people would hate on him is beyond me. The world unfortunately is a sick place. Let’s not focus on the negatives here, welcome back. Hope you find happiness in your life.

Drizz1717 says:

BIG BITE! I’ve only had Papa John’s once! It was pretty good.

Anthony Guzlas says:

X Wife couldn’t handle that big bite that’s why you has to kick her to the curb be careful you could get a meatball stuck in your epiglottis

Donna Robinson says:

Looks so good… Just needs jalepenos! Lol

Layton Minnix says:

Thats a 10 all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samuel says:

Puts ALL pizza in Australia to shame!!!

Annola Powell says:

I swear I took that first bite with you!

Jumullyett says:

Lmao you rock! That looks absolutely delicious omg. B b b big bite

Suzy McGuire says:

Tried this last night… All I got say is “where’s the meat”

Uncle Chuckles says:

big byte

mommagavemedome says:

This guy is my fucking dad

Eru disia says:

Why am I watching this when I’m starving

patrick speers says:

Truly a solid “10”!!!!!!!!!!!!

E G says:

I love that Papa John’s crust, it has that chew and bite that can act as a stress releiver.

Megaglow Z says:

Looks damn good man!!!

Logan Koontz says:

Phenomenal, I added banana peppers to mine, cheers from Ohio bro !!

Julianne Sullivan says:

Hope you have a great weekend big bite buddy!

foodforthought says:


J T says:

Wow, that looks freaking amazing!! Papa Johns has stepped up their game. Their garlic sauce is still my favorite too. I’m hungry now.

Mr FSU says:

Another Great Video!!!!!!!

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