Papa John’s NEW Italian Hero Pizza Review

Today I review the new Italian Hero Pizza from Papa John’s.




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Glazed Donut says:

Yeah I’m disappointed he still supports Papa Johns but I guess… what can you expect. So sad I’m not a fan anymore

Anthony Nastasi says:

nice job, i do like the back ground

Anthony Ciccariello says:

Wow how did I end down this rabbit hole, watching this kid eat a pizza. LOL

Conti Music says:

Very Nice, would you consider using my music for free? Cant wait to see more!

vincent52 says:

when you dont eat all of it do you give it to someone else to eat it or do you put the rest of it away for later to eat when you get hungry?

Q Tro says:

He’s so cute and thorough


it’s not a pizza, it’s a mattress full of fat.

Giu_385 says:

I think that today for dinner I’ll eat a pizza. NOT of papa john, a very italian pizza, and I’ll eat it in Italy. And yes, I’m italian

Keke Despacito says:

Got a dominos ad.

BigBlitZ says:

bro this shit is hot

Sinclair Dewitt says:

I hope he reviews the great value Nickelodeon slime ketchup exclusively at Walmart I bought it but I can’t eat it it looks vile

Can i get 100 subscribers no videos? says:

*I’m more of a Pizza Hut guy. No hate to PaPa John’s*


Josh Rolfe says:

Papas in the house… and it isn’t Papa John

Mark Lester says:

This guy talks to much…………..

ZAD says:

I love papa johns

Ariston Gushterski says:

The pizza looks so yummy, great review!


Papi John would be proud, my nigga.

TheIceLurker says:

I would watch this guy review his reviews.

spiegel says:

Enjoy your racist pizza? You really want to support that racist John Schnatter’s pizza company? Really?!?! F him and his boring, bland pizza. The only way it gets any flavor is if you choose a spicy topping. The base of the sauce, crust, and cheese are among the most bland of the major pizza chains (although it sounds like they improved the sauce here with the Italian sauce).

Badtastic says:

Please review a placenta

Lacy MCL says:

dude this guy is formal af

Null says:

I wonder how may dead hookers are buried in that backyard

Daniel Crisostomo says:


TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Please check out the newest VORW Radio Show on SoundCloud or on 4840 kHz at 8 PM Eastern tonight!

itsjessipie says:

“Here’s me and the pizza. Staring into your soul.” Yes Senpai.

aligemoo says:

OOOO the walk in. hasn’t been done in years, and he’s still a master at it

King Rodriguez says:

the intro was soooo asmr

Searchinmano says:

I tell you, there’s nothing Italian to that pizza. Not a single ingredient. And if it’s not tomato sauce, I really don’t know what an Italian sauce could be.

svdd sosa says:

Whats crazy is I dont even like food reviews I subscribed strictly of your personality. That alone is amazing to me.

Bo Huggabee says:

order it without the banana peppers and tomatos and exchange them for the new meatballs and whatever you want for the last topping. fucking delicious.

Alexandra Balevre says:

What do we have here?

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