Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese – Hotel Food Review

Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese is just one of the options at a restaurant called, “Craven” in New York. One bite WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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Michael W says:

nice shirt.

Shaney says:

Wooden fork is just begging to splinter your mouth up -_- not for me!

Bobby Turner says:

We still roccin the long way!!!!!

Troy Grant says:

What happened to the donut Daym?!?!

Javier Jackson says:

What happened to the donut


that is one smol sammich

Manpreet Singh says:

It seems like I’ve seen the real you last couple or vids… Not the ghetto acting, money hungry daym drops…. I appreciate this..I never appreciated your fake enthusiasm or fake ghetto act. I can get down with the real you, at least you’re showing your audience who you really are.

Antdzlnutz says:

Ur living the life fam

Dartly Mclean says:

You gave it a 4 piece alright…1 for each fry

Barbara Howe says:

Hope you feel better soon Daym <3

adamlee007 says:

Was that a fry in ur mouth or their cock?

kajouman says:

you need some barry white music under it ahah

Jerrell Simmons says:

12$ for that sandwich? I mean if you can afford it I guess why not.

Ant Talks Sports says:

If I paid that much and got 5 fries I would gone back and demanded more lol.

George Ballard says:

that looked dope as hell. want some for my pie hole. still hoping you get your groove back.

Akbar McCallum says:

Ima make one of these sandwiches this weekend

ThaRedPitbull-Mix says:

I bet it smelled amazing.

Faith Walker says:

i like the low energy Daym too! you dont have to be a star to be in my show <3

Myia Everett says:

But they gave you five fries kml

Jason Genova says:

Two bites and he finishes a large sandwich

J Rob says:

only 5 fries?

microtech5871 says:

What happened to the bacon jam donut? I thought you said a 20 piece for both items Daym…

Shaney says:

That joint worth $6 at the most lol

Doc Trower says:


adamlee007 says:

5 fries? ….u selling out daymn?

jayslay1000 says:

dayum just ate a steak um on toast

82811 3811 says:

he seems forced on this video

adamlee007 says:

Maybe if u had a real meal youd have energy…5 fries …is this review sponsored?

Shamin choudhury says:

$12 for that lil shit lmaooo you can get a hero philly cheese steak for 6. Daym u not keeping it real on this 1 b that shit not worth 12

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