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theonedom Gaming says:

I was watering also

Charles Owens says:

This guy looks like John C Riley, but I’m sure that’s been pointed out a thousand times.

Crackling Crawfish says:

Hey Brent.. I am totally going to try this after seeing this review. Cheers!

Prince Mauhdi III says:

why would anyone get any toppings besides pepperon, saug or baco? any more doesn’t go well w/ pizza at all. pineapple being the worst, but theyre all bad.

toasta roasta says:

I almost cracked my screen chewing on my phone

DAN says:

awesome review, thank you on the heads up

ACTIVE NORTE 916 says:

When is step brothers 2 coming out dale!!!!!!

big Carlos Food reviews and more says:

Great review and the pizza looked awesome

theonedom Gaming says:

Hope I can get that in uk

Chris Man says:

bruh this is a review , not a food eating contest lol, also too many edits.

DJ Jea says:

How do you just deepthroat a pizza like it’s nothing? Whose mans is this?

bulldog4574 says:

You’re a delight

Jacob Foody says:

All food reviewers should go fucking die

Music Lifee says:

Wowww really cheesy 🙂 but not the video LOL.

Steven quezada says:

Not sure if I should be hungry or turned on

Jenn Herlitz says:

Shit pie. !!!!!!!

Henry Fanelli says:

Shut your pie hole and stuff your pie hole!!!

Hamada2u says:

Pause @ 3:33 LOL

Rogue Volare says:

Deep throated that first bite lmao.

Fabian Romero says:

Bro you look like a John Cena and Casey Ceistat fusion

raidernationcali says:

Man thats not cheese. Pizza hut used to be bomb in the 80’s and 90’s. Now its just plastic bread. And cheese thats barely on your pizza that doesnt re-melt.

Andromeda says:

i thought stuffed crust was the cheese wrapped inside the crust, which it is not here,not that it matters.

Prince Mauhdi III says:

i could never open food in my car, let alone eat it. all food goes in the trunk ’till i get home. why have the smell of grease linger in your ride well after

iitsneesha says:

I honestly don’t even like cheese stuffed crust… but that pizza look sooo good!

jeffrey hernandez says:

So american

Bradie Gray says:

Is this a food review or a rape on camera ,I felt sorry for the pizza big bite ,mega bite .

2qssup Simulation says:

i blinked and this nigga ate the whole slice

john adams says:

No pussy bites on this channel!!! Everyone else nibbles

Uncle Jewnyer says:

I swear you look like John C. Reilly!

Cb_killer_55 says:

He ate that boy in 1 bite

NormalStyleCrew says:

damn son you look like John C Riley. thats who I thought u were at first

Sean Van Steenbergh says:

What the fuck did I just watch

Derek M says:

Pizza huts quality isn’t worth $15


That looks fucking bomb

Spark 515 says:

o m g arent you the guy from step brothers with will farell?

Zack F says:

Wouldn’t it be cool if Pizza Hut did a stuffed crust pizza with something sweet inside like Nutella or apple pie filling? Then you could have your normal savory pizza and then eat hte crust for dessert!

Mini Prop says:

Damn … that seasoning on top looks money. Thanks for posting dude

Aqui con Saul says:

You have a big mouth i

Lil Ramen says:

You look like John C. Riley

synvarius says:

3:15 Calm down bro, it’s not a dick. Don’t gotta shove the entire thing down your throat again

teaaquinn says:

O fuck yea

NICK104 says:

You can hear that crunch !

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