Pizza Hut ☆MEATY P’ZONE 2019☆ Food Review!!!

The Pizza Hut P’ZONE is back! I’m checking out their MEATY P’ZONE filled with 5 meat varieties including Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Italian Sausage and Pork toppings. Filled with mozzarella cheese, folded and baked into this Personal Calzone (get it…P’ZONE?!?!?) available for $5.99 to satisfy any BIG BITE!!!

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paul yoda says:

looks very Hollow I will pass

BudbrothersYT says:

Good to see u still eating good my friend . Positive vibes always! Hope ur family is well

Alex Struck says:

My god, that thing is SO stuffed!

Victor Crowley says:

No matter what, Pizza Hut is still great!

Wriley Moll says:

Is it any good

Hector Soria says:

Bruh I worked at Pizza Hut bout a year and I quit a month ago and they come out with this

Scott B. says:

Guess who’s back!

BigjohnSVT says:

To Me a Buffalo Chicken P’ZONE would be Totally Awesome!!

John Jr Gonzalez says:

It’s just made out of medium hand toss dough & all Pizza Hut dough is used with vegetable OILS.

Derek Paden says:

Glad to see you back

antrite08 says:

Getting one of those bad boys ASAP!! If not this week certainly next week! god i miss the p zone i miss that big foot pizza they had but i’m so glad the p zone is back back when it first came out i would get those over regular pizza’s going for that meaty p zone i can’t wait to get me on r 2 lol

ras124 says:

They should have added some ricotta cheese

10k subs 1 videos?? says:

*Marijuana sauce*

Jason Smith says:

The sauce is not pizza sauce. Its the marinara sauce. The same sauce you get with bread sticks.

Randy Amores says:

Great review , love it when you take shots at Daym

Andre Pesankas says:

I customize mine over the phone, got meaty added peppers and onions, at no charge

J Robert says:

Cold sauce is the best. Battles the inferno heat of the pzone and lets ya chow down faster

Anthony Hansen says:

7:56 Lol

Dontrell Hardwick says:

It doesnt look as stuffed as it should be.

Aidan Reynolds says:

That pizza has a mouth and it’s talking to you Justin aka Fast Food Pit Stops

Alyssa & Lior says:

Pizza Hut is good for the fast food pizza places Dominos has been geeting way better then Papa Johns. I found a Papa John’s deal 2 toppings so I got a 14 inch pepperoni and meatball for 4$ cheaper than the meatball Pepperoni speciality pizza I was surprised they didnt catch that I guess the employees dont care. Its was good the meatballs and the peporoni went well together

Mr FSU says:

Another awesome Video!!!!!!

Bunthan Sephieroth Kong says:

Pizza Hut this weekend


I wanted to see a review of this but you talk too much..

michael massey says:

You know you’re the bomb diggity when people look forward to your food reviews instead of the news keep it up Big Bite

Eagle Strike says:

If people think you’re 50 years old they are blind as hell

shun world says:

This pizza look so familiar

hailey and bryant says:

Wow ur Pizza Hut looks so nice compared to mine!

John Murphy says:

I agree on the “food porn”! LoL

Yorkie Terrier Family says:

I would stick a baconator inside that pzone

numbersixwithcheese says:

We cannot WAIT to try this baby. Loved the video buddy. Miss youuuuu 🙂

Burger Boy says:

Marijuana sauce

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Awesome I’ll have to check this out

Elliot Harrington says:

Loved you in step brothers. And bigfoot in Tenacious D.

Mr. JackHack says:

He looks like john.c rielly

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