Pizza Hut ☆TWIN 10-Topping PERSONAL PAN PIZZAS☆ w/Teen Daughter FOOD REVIEW!!!

I’m teaming up with my oldest daughter to chow down on identical Pizza Hut 10-topping Personal Pan Pizza’s! These tiny round saucers of succulent deep dish pizzas were LOADED with Pepperoni, Bacon, Beef, Ham, Grilled Chicken, Green Peppers, Pineapple, Spinach, Diced Tomatoes and Extra Cheese! Meet my teen daughter, and watch as we devour these little deep dish delights! Cheers!

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Tom Monaco says:

I love this channel. best reviews on youtube!!

Chris W says:


xMurkNx says:

Seems like every pizza place these days the small pizza costs more than a large one.

zakelwe says:

The looks your 17 going on 18 daughter gave you were classic. The younger daughter disdainfully dropping your offered hamburger bite on the floor was also great, both stars and great double acts both. They seem so sensible. Nice video Justin and daughter, gave me a chuckle. You are still the main man, keep all the youtube money, they will probably content with just the food 😉

Father Dad says:

You were great in Step Brothers.

Tom Monaco says:

Justins family can try but he is the master of big bites!!! why even bother you will never beat the champ! real talk your family is awesome and this is the best food reviewer on youtube!!!!

Mr. Graves says:

That intro fail was hilarious

Kevin MacKinnon says:

Great vid guys!

Dave Da Drummajor says:

Great review you all. Pineapple on pizza, not greatest somebody would get more pineapples, and your energy is contagious. Be easy you all and great review.

Y E R R R bwoy says:

Another great video my man!! Great to see more of your family


man your daughter out ate you thats just plane savage

Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

She adds a cool element to the reviews.

Dan K & Friends says:


TnCouponer says:

New subscriber.. On the back of the receipt was a $10 off coupon.. You 2 make a great team.. Keep up the great review..

Greg Kaczmarek says:

Wow. Is it me, or does Justin look look like John C. Reilly?

Mike Sheridan says:

The way your daughter is embarrassed by you is super cool. Keep em coming!!!

Tim Yaeger says:

Dam how many kids do U have? Lmao yes have Sarah back !

BigMosely says:

She’s cute, nice review.

Steven Guzman says:

Yeah bring Sarah back!!

truthbetold says:

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Please have her on some more reviews. Teach her the big bite!

James Stack says:

weve seen the kids now bring the wife

kratos and loki says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like john c. Reilly

Rocio Gaitan says:

omg she is beautiful!!!

FilmingWithOrion says:

Wonderful video bro

Steven Shields says:

She’s only 17. Her daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me! Love old 80s Winger…

Josh Sparr says:

Justin what are u doing today

Sig Shooter says:

I don’t care how many toppings it has. I wouldn’t pay 10 buck for a personal pan

Eric Weirath says:

back in the day personal pan “5 minutes or its free” lunch was bomb. they are not as golden buttery as they used to be either

PNR Comp Guy says:

You two were amazingly funny, your daughter is adorable and the looks she gave you when you said something off was hysterical! Looking forward to the next pairing! Cheers

DragonLady24 says:

NEVER put pineapple on a pizza!! 😛

Kyle Fisher says:

Said part is if your daughter lived in my town in Canada she likey would of had 2 kids by now

N S says:

Only a BOSS gets 10 topping pizzas! My man Justin!

Jeromiah Mullins says:

She is lovely and great video. Love you man!

Todd Anderson says:

I don’t believe they use a teflon pan. Its a seasoned pan they use.

marioandultrachap says:

Freakin hot

Tony A says:

Damn how many kids this guy got?

Rocio Gaitan says:

great video!! you are the best!!

FitAngie says:

Awe your daughter Sarah is gorgeous Justin! lol she had the giggles haha. That pizza looks so delicious, 10 toppings? OMG that would taste bomb. I love personal size, its portioned control 🙂

Michael Nelson says:

Absolutely love it getting the family involved in your reviews!!! What a great idea for a pizza!!!

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