Popeyes 1/4 LB Popcorn Chicken – Food Review

Today I review the newly released 1/4 LB (Quarter Pound) Popcorn Chicken from Popeyes while wearing a grey 1980’s double-breasted suit, a Tommy Hilfiger necktie and a white dress shirt.

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Mike Kramer says:

I hope you’re making money off this video because I saw 2 commercials where this normally only 1.

XxSuperCoDkid69xX davis says:

Thanks for this man i really needed it the earthquake was rough on all of us and your reviews always make me feel quite energized


How is this guy still skinny????

BoomerRaid says:

On a good day, Popcorn chicken from Popeyes is like no other. Their BBQ sauce to to with it it stands alone.

youalldoit says:

It felt like you weren’t feeling alright reviewbrah, is everything alright?

rojastashanae says:

Anxiety on 10

Amy Preston says:

Very informative

Damned Daniel says:

Was feeling pretty down today but found this channel n now m pretty okay

Sage Connolly says:

He is so beautiful and I feel blessed by his existence

drew fager says:

do you ever get hot wearing a suit all the time?

Jess Singh says:

Never was full

Amy Amy says:

It’s refreshing to know someone like reviewbrah is out there because he’s zero drama and no bullshit. Keep up the simple, sweet lifestyle.

Sailboat Explosion says:

I’m not a huge fan of fast food, or big companies…but gosh, I love Reviewbrah.

CarrotSuprise says:

*Reminds me of a young Christopher Hitchens, no?*

Kayden21 says:

You are like Sheldon from the Big Bang theory but actually funny.

Krunckle Nickle says:

This man is the hero we need.

Kill_Em+ALL!!! says:

Your uncle’s suit’s don’t flatter your emaciated physique… change it please

Harrison Fletcher says:

Thank you for your restraint in not taking part in the melt craze

A Mir says:

This man is unironically my here. Doing videos he most likely doesn’t make any money on for 6 whole years, eating fast food and still staying fit or atleast moderately healthy, and wearing a SUIT every single time? It’s stellar. Truly, an inspiring man for everyone.

Grace Turse says:

it’s refreshing to find a review channel with a youtuber who isn’t screaming and stressing me out. I truly enjoy watching your video’s, because i can actually relax since you’re not moving all over the place, i feel like you actually care about the video, and i just overall enjoyed this. subscribed.

Drew Kaiser says:

Review the Naked Egg Taco!

Randalf The Grey says:

You look like Juni from spy kids 3d

jeremy10645 says:

Let’s get right into the news, this is running on empty food review

bruindude212 says:

let me take you suit shopping and find a suit that dosent make your head shrunken …lol your great though really enjoy your reviews

Chucky Cheese says:

You look like a generic Sheldon Cooper bazzzinga

Luigi says:

Omg I just had this today and then saw this video!

Mike Greg says:

Radio Airtime

wherearemybones2 says:

Was this popeyes in a bad neighborhood you seem to be scanning the area like there is sketchy shit going on outside

Ruby says:

I want to have your children

Tori Monique says:

he looks like Franky from skins if Franky was a guy.

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