Popeyes Chicken Food Review – First Taste! Greg’s Kitchen in Singapore

It’s fast food Friday food review time once again, and today I am trying, for the first time ever, Popeyes Chicken! I get the meal deal with a large soda and mashed potato, and here, in Singapore, they have original recipe (mild) and a spicy version! Let’s see what it tastes like and give it a score out of 10!
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Bret Frohwein says:

That has to be the cleanest Popeye’s I’ve ever seen. I have to agree with you on the comparison, the coating isn’t as flavorful as KFC.

koala plays Roblox&Minecraft says:

Okay Grego you’re not going to like Popeyes it’s pretty disgusting but I know you will like it but I’m not I had it before it’s disgusting the commercial gose Louisiana fast

John Deich says:

Too bad you couldn’t get the dirty rice, it’s awesome


we don’t have that in the uk ,looked a nice size ,shame it was bland mate .KFC is always good ,though not good for the waist line lol Enjoy

Mark Five says:

Popeye’s used to be better than KFC back in the day, but since they’ve expanded the quality has fallen off.

Old Salem says:

Louisiana is famous for their spicy food especially fried chicken. I prefer KFC as well.

Uzair Anwari says:

i love popeyes chicken. ive tried it lots of times. 🙂

Gurgurpal Mann says:

Wow… u sure that’s not a biased opinion bro…. Popeyes good as hell…

Bradley Spencer says:

Louisiana not spicy? Better do some research cher.

ZeeQue says:

You missed getting the red beans and rice and Cajun rice. The “dirty rice” has chicken gizzards in it.You must have the spicy chicken.Popeyes’s is very popular in the States. They sell gallons of Sweet Tea. Louisiana is known for Cajun and Spice.

cheer up says:

burger king bought popeyes and it went down the drain

lili74 says:

I fry my own chicken. All the neighborhood kids say it’s better than KFC.

SwillinGrog says:

I agree with your assessment of the flavour, and like you, I found the chicken pieces themselves were very plump, moist and juicy – unlike what you get at KFC here in Oz sadly.

Crust In My Pants says:

I hope you didn’t get food poisoning, last 2 times I ate Popeyes I did. Never Again!

TheNasiBoi says:

Punggol! Hahahah

Exostential1 says:

Thats not real popeyes..the breading looks strange.. you gotta try it in the states.

cody bersick says:

*this guy is a cool dude lol*

AbduCola says:

You don’t think Louisiana would have spicy? What?

God23 says:

It’s sad, you definitely had Popeyes on a bad day. Usually it’s much better than KFC. Try it a second time Greggo!

John Karavitis says:

Greg likes the Popeye’s. Christ. I mean, Jesus. Greg, the Netherlands has assisted suicide. I suggest you make the Netherlands your next destination. Good luck!

Dylan Fehlman says:

Well, I don’t think Popeye’s will be sponsoring your videos any time soon grego! haha 🙂

Tommy Darko says:


Andrew Laverghetta says:

I’m pretty sure Cajun food from Louisiana is hot and spicy. Also, the only thing you should ever have with that stuff is a big cup of sweet tea.

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