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Tender Sheep says:

Your daughter is SOOOOO cute! Baby Big Bite!

Candace Cherry says:

Sounds yummey and delishus

John Smith says:

Nice me and my black friend love chicken and waffles!

Christian Flores says:

Awesome review man! Love how great of a guy you are. Keep it up.

David Mendoza says:

your little girl is so cute dude! that chicken looks amazing! darn wish we had it here where I live…

Attimisk says:

How did your ugly mug make a cute kid? Nice review

B renegadde says:

this guys reminds me so much of john c reiley

sunshine ok says:

the looks your baby was giving you with the big bite bahaha I love it.. thanks for showing us all the yummy new foods out.. living on the west coast we normally get things late so it is nice to see what is to come..

alexis c. says:

been on a diet for 2 monthes….this is what iv come to.. watching food videos at 5:30am

Tyreek Hill says:

Craving popeyes

Sharon N says:

Awww, I wanted to try it until you said it had a kick. It still looks good.

The Buchanan Family says:

I love praline, somthink this would be so good! Your daughter is too cute!

hardworkingtaxpayer says:

Shame totally love seeing you have your daughter in the car! She looks so peaceful, guess you has to bribe her to sit quiet?! Anyways have a great day!

Daniel Varney says:

I hate babies and children in general, but your daughter is so precious lmao

brianskodak says:

Justin there is a kid in the backseat dont worry kids he didnt take that child off the street

[JungBong]정봉이 says:

it looks so so delicious!!!!

WilsonEatsASMR says:

this was just plain awesome having your little girl along for the vid.

RN Michael Creech says:

I’m your # 1 fan

CJ Cutter says:

Big Bite! Another great one!

The Dude says:

Fudge!!!! I want some!!!

Whatthefaaak says:

5 minutes into the video and I never noticed the child…must’ve been too focused on the chicken.

Alain C says:

Dude you are a legend. Your little girl smiling in the beginning melted my heart. Keep ’em coming.

Ginger Spice says:

She is SO adorable and SO good!! Stay blessed man!! #Bigbite

Tech deck No neck says:

We go to all the same places in Colorado I swear we must be neighbors or something lol

#SweatPantsJoeEATS says:

It makes me think of that line from Waynes World where Garth says “if he were an ice cream he’d be praline and dick.”

patrick speers says:

I love your little daughter!!!!  She stole the show!!!!!

24HERBS TV says:

Daddy feed me please?
No food for daughter in back?
Great video man!!!

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