Publix ☆DELI FRESH FRIED CHICKEN☆ Food Review!!!

How could I come to Florida and not stop in at Publix?! My favorite grocery store chain offers some AMAZING Deli items, including their ☆FRESH FRIED CHICKEN☆! I picked up a WHOLE CHICKEN split in 8-pieces, deep fried the Southern way with a blend of spices and served up hot from the Deli! If you want to see some of THE BEST Fried Chicken in the world be eaten, you need to see this!


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El Tigre says:

Cool shirt!!!

dakota gordon says:

Holy shit your get your moneys worth

Rich Jenkins says:

The thigh is my favorite piece.

- DEATHSTROKE5243 - says:

John C. Reilly

Randy Mathews says:

Leg n thigh

Cory Wolfel says:

publix chicken tenders subs are fire

Mike Pirkl says:

Hyvee fried chicken

Daniel Hamilton says:

You should come to East Texas and try Brookshires and Super1 deli chicken

Android tech. says:

My favorite Fried Chicken too
But since Publix change to Cotton oil this past few years can’t eat it anymore makes me really sick .like shittin my pants sick

Jay White says:

Let me get them thighs tho. #SuperJuicy

Supermonkey 1964 says:

My favorite pieces are Breast & Leg. But they both need to be BIG! & Meaty! Looks like this fills the bill. May have to make a trip across town just to try this. 🙂

Tom says:

publix fried chicken is great..i live in florida and theres a publix down the street from me..ill get their fried chicken every now and it

Brandon Waggoner says:

Dope review justin

Jacob Pule says:

Why can’t you just take a normal bite?
I like your personality and humor. But the big bite for some reason just doesn’t do it for me. Just take normal bites and describe the food.

Food Dipper says:

Big Bite ⭕️

eric cook says:

He absolutely destroyed that thigh. If you’re ever around a Giant Eagles try their fried chicken from the hot foods section. It’s pretty good.

cyoohoos says:

Publix has the best fried chicken.

jordanpaganfit says:

Fire review bro. Do dominos pan pizza

opa man says:

Justine, how does Publix southern fried chicken compare to KFC, Popeyes, Chicken Shack, Meijer deep fried chicken. I live in Michigan. Those pieces look pretty large.

Michael K says:

Breasts Big Bite

Let's Talk With Oana says:

If you really like food and I know you like it, I just upload a new video “How Good is Deli Food in New York”

raw review says:

Dark meat

Tommy Mike says:

I love fried chiken

BasedAshKetchum says:

I don’t have a Publix near me but that chicken looked really good

truthbetold says:

Come to daytona and have a fat elvis!!!

Jason Jones says:

ima thigh guy, dont have a publix near me but that chicken looks amazing.

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