Raising Cane’s ☆4PC CHICKEN FINGERS BOX w/DAUGHTER☆ Food Review!!!

I’m with my daughter at Raising Cane’s in Denver, Colorado to checkout their ☆4pc Chicken Fingers Box Combo☆ which includes their famous FRESH Fried Chicken Tenders, hand-battered and fried to a golden brown, served hot-to-order. Alongside a generous DOUBLE PORTION of crinkle-cut fries and a LARGE Sweet Tea, we had a Mukbang Feast! This is her FIRST TIME trying Raising Cane’s, so join us on this fast food fresh fried fantastic feast!!! Cheers!

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Colin S says:

love the reviews but this place is horrible to me.

Mike R says:


Rich Jenkins says:

Its so nice that you found this place in the middle of NOWHERE.

Howard Jenkins says:

Daym Drops into needs work!!

Joey's Mom says:

I’ve only been here twice. I love it a lot, it’s super good.

S Verlander says:

Wish we had a Raising Cane’s close by but here we have Zaxbys which sucks.
That bread they use, around here we call it Bar-B-Q Pull Apart Bread made by Sunbeam.

Brown Dog says:

Zaxbys wayyyy better

Amos Presley says:

Loving when you take those big massive bites…

William H says:

Love watching ur show you should make Dailey vlogs

bshapiro11 says:

Nice review. Going forward, If you would please specify where in CO you are, it would be appreciated. I am assuming you went to the RC in Centennial or Highlands Ranch, as there’s not a single RC in Denver that I know of. Thanks!

Let's Eat With Oana says:

Those chicken tenders look so good! I wish we’d have Raising Cane in New York:( But probably ,here,they would have to step up their game and add more food on the menu.

tro5k says:

I always sub coleslaw for extra toast! It’s fire

Amos Presley says:

Your daughter is looking so pretty today man.


Hi,your daughter so cute.

Bella says:

My favorite videos are the ones with your kids, the dynamic between you and your daughters is really great. Loved this video!

Critical Eats Japan says:

The dynamic duo is back —great review guys! Looked like a good feed too!

The Buchanan Family says:

Your daughter is so sweet 🙂 hope she is back on the channel again soon!

Chet Collins says:

I used to work at Canes and they had me on toast everyday cuz I was always baked and that’s all I could handle doing. I just stood there all day and made toast

CJ Cutter says:

Tenders! Big Bite!

Reny says:

Three camera angles, not only are you one of the best at doing the actual reviews but you have one of the best production and editing. You definitely deserve way more than 20k subs.

ras124 says:

epic last bite!

Julianne Sullivan says:

“Lawsuit chicken” lol. Hahaha

Riot4thewin says:

Welcome to.. Joeys world tour! Wrong channel? Oh.. I’ll leave.

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