Raising Cane’s Box Combo- The Food Review- ep.122

for the first tie today i review raising canes chicken fingers!

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kjr4766 says:

Nigga Williams Chicken is the best. Lol

AsianGamerBro says:

Yo Connor give afb a shoutout!

Voo Duu says:

With that nose, this guy would be easier to watch with a jew accent and those pig tail ringlets of hair down the side of his face…ffs, look what DaymDrops started…at least this guys not as bad as the virgin in his dads suit talkin about food as if it were a high school book report…not bad, 4/10.

Rileyj6ers says:

First mistake you made was not getting an extra sause….then this mufukah had the nerve to not dip the fris and bread IN the sauce. AKA you didn’t get that full experience my dude plus me personally would’ve gotten an extra bread instead of coleslaw.

Mohammad Aljassem says:

My favorite fast food restaurant

Matthew Davis says:

Cane’s is always fantastic, except when I was told only white people go there by a co-worker

HardChargerUSMC says:

Fuck raising canes in the asshole 12 dollars for chicken that’s not the
price in 2009 the fucking price was $6.87….no fucking i would pay
those prices and the ones that do are just as fucking stupid got to be
fucking nuts.friend of mine only eats canes chicken nothing else in life
he pulls up to the drive up and the girl tells him how can you eat 12
finger ( only) with out the canes sauce LOL even the chickens fucking
bland. won’t get any of my hard earn money…. Semper-FI……..

Texting Stories says:

I just had the box combo for the first time! (It’s grand opening was 10 minutes ago) The chicken is the best out there in my opinion. They barely put any breading on it. Mostly chicken, and the chicken is AMAZING! The crinkle cut fries have a “home style” feeling to them. It’s great! The sauce just makes tops everything off. It’s better than Chick-Fil-A’s sauce! I give it 10/10!

Darren Li says:

I don’t understand how you can be from Louisiana and have never heard of raising canes. That’s like being from America and having never heard of apple pie

Angela Johnson says:

Fucking ouch.. I want it so bad

D. Page says:

you can substitute the coleslaw with an extra bread or more fries.

Bricklinsv1970 says:

Raising Cains all day every day! Its amazing!!

Bryan Ignacio says:

Who here for faze rain

jada nixon says:

I tried for the first time today I mean it was okay but everyone is really living it up

MzGumby02 says:

Reminds me of Zaxby’s.

supitsjude says:

Oh shit that’s my west side canes
great review brother nice to see some youtubers in Louisiana

Roland Mendoza says:

caniac box everyday sooo damn good .

voteZDLR says:

Cane’s is definitely one of the best chicken places out there. For chicken tenders, anyway. The sauce is amazing too. They do have a sandwich but it’s built entirely from the already existing stuff — ie, chicken tenders, sauce, etc. But it’s a little bit expensive, honestly.

MrAwesomeshit123 says:

I actually live in Baton Rouge and you don’t drive for 5 minutes without passing a Raising Canes lol. It’s the best chicken ever! It was actually started by an LSU student doing a project. Funny thing is he got like a D on it haha. But yeah, it’s great. Great review!

Albert3218 says:

thats sause is amazing

Jay Wise says:

Been slacking on videos haven’t we

Emily's Backyard says:


Mysterious man says:


yofriendandrew says:

Hey, how are you doing?

pancake 2121 says:


golfmaniac007 says:

$7.50 for that combo without a drink? that is pricey

SuperStar BeautyQueen says:

Raising Canes are one of the best fast food chicken places I have ever eaten at!! RC and he said it Popeyes!!!

luvfreedom says:

This is the only place whose chicken I’d rank better than Chick Fil A.

Thomas Murphy says:

mine is CHIK-FIL-A. it is my favorite but they are closed Sundays.

It's Only Food w/Chef John Politte says:

Funny, but what is the deal Conner??

Albert says:

Das my fav chicken place

Ap xleaf says:

Rain anyone?

Food Travel Dude says:

good review man!
hey I am a British international food reviewer subscribe! informative,clever and fun.

o O says:


David Mendoza says:

darn we don’t have canes in fl…. I don’t think great review man!

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