Ranking American Fast Food Chains

do you agree? do you disagree?

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Matt D. says:

wow dipping french fries in ice cream looks like the ultimate stoner / munchie food ! never heard that before 🙂

tomatomarc says:

forget them all. i love my Kochlöffel im germany!

Strategos Kakos says:

Wendy’s is great IME. Never had chick-a-filet. It’s on the list now

Bobster The master of bulbasaurs says:

No when you go to Wendy’s you need a beef burger

Blue Stray says:

Isn’t it funny how the most famous ones are the worst? Plus, I would never go to Mc or Burgerking for a burger but to a burger restaurant. I guess that’s culture related. (When you’re back you haaave to check out Hans im Glück. My favourite place to get burgers in Germany!)

Stephen Robinson says:

Can you record a similar test when back in Germany?

Bobster The master of bulbasaurs says:

Kfc and McDonald’s are the best


Great video! Thanks for making me hungry 🙂 I love Five Guys, Shakeshack, Chick-Fil-A and In & Out – but after this video I need to check out Wendy’s, Arby’s and maybe Jack in the Box when I’m in the US the next time. What do you think about Popeye’s?

Kiri says:

so what do u say anything of this stuff is better as some Döner / Pita 😀 ?

denmark39 says:

I just had a whopper its good here and it was more full with salad tomatoes onions. The thing is a Big Mac in America is more unhealthy than example a Big Mac in Denmark.

Oliver Scheel says:

How about a follow-up video here in Stuttgart? I’d recommend (my fav) Beef-Burger-Brothers, Hans im Glück, (local favorite) Udo’s, Burger house and well Burger King, KFC, McD to round it up…
At least Hans im Glück you should try back here as they’re fast growing (now over 30 cities in Germany) but don’t only copy american burger but also re-invent them with German ingrediences

boa goa says:

Arbys burger looks gross 😀

Michele Atkins says:

Wow I agree with this list 100% except I’ve never tried Arby’s. But chick fil a is my #1 and Burger King is my least fav.

Sascha Atrops says:

That remembers me of the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqCmC1AFMLU

InTeCredo says:

0:56 – Last time I checked, Chipotle Mexican Grill is really a national chain with more than 2,250 locations. We do have one here in Germany (unfortunately, Chipotle hasn’t expanded beyond Frankfurt since 2013).

My American friends who visit me in Munich noticed the huge difference in taste and quality at McDonalds and Burger King here than in the US.

Konstantin Frunzek says:

We had some american Exchange students in our Class and the Number One of Things they liked in Germany was the Quality and the Taste of McDonalds and Burger King in Germany. So i think you are definetly right about the Quality Difference. One other thing they were amazed about were Our Windows. Its confusing but still nice to hear so much appreciation for so casual Things like Fast Food or even Windows.

Klaus-Udo Kloppstedt says:

from my experience Taco Bell was the worst and my favorite was Wendy’s Son of Baconator with a Baked Potatoe.

General Sunglass says:

We only got the 3 worst fast food chains (all of them are better here though)

chancellorjake says:

I HATE the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A. That clouds my opinion. Would rather have Wendy’s any day of the week. Especially Sunday.

Randall Smith says:

mostly agree with your ratings… however, I wonder how much taste is affected by the employees. These days, I see a general lack of pride in one’s work in the US. Most times I’ve hit a drive-thru, the burger looks like it had been thrown against the wall & picked up off of the floor. Agree that in-n-out is overrated… and I’m a californian! Five guys is ok, but pricey… for my money, I’ll take what-a-burger!

necrionos says:

no subway in the US?

i dont eat there often in germany but when i ate there i had the impression of pretty high quality food. or is this not considered fastfood?

Brainiac 2080 says:


Ian Ókami says:

Off TOpic
But i post a coment under your VIdeo what you like and what you DIslike about germany.
A coment where you can find a fluffy Pillow in germany.
SO when you are back in germany hopefully it is fluffy enought to help you to sleep better.

TheWerewolf says:

I have just been in the US for 3 weeks with my best friend and we made it our mission to try out as many fast food chains as possible.

1. I agree, in-and-out burgers is massively overrated. It is good, but not the second coming of christ. And their fries are just cardboard.
2. Best burger was hands down Five Guys (yeah no drive through but still fast food in my books) with Chick-fil-a coming in at a close second (but portion size is way to small there)
3. Jack in the box was actually surprisingly good
4. Shake Shack was amazing but didnt really feel like fast food lol
5. I did not like wendys at all.

Joe Labster says:

Beef & Cheddar is sooo good, but makes me sooo SICK…for like a week, seriously!

Felix Grimm says:

Have you ever tried any German fastfood-chains such as Jim Block? qRious

figgeln says:

aren’t the owners anti gay or somethin?

Michael Duvic says:

Chic-fil-gay is a hateful, delicious company.

Holger Kla says:

$ 5.39 for a Whopper? I remember paying 99 cents, when I lived in the States (back in 19 hundred and …)! That (at least) was an argument for buying it … 😉
But yeah, “Dairy Queen” is (or was back in the day too) the place to go if you want(ed) an ice cream or a Blizzards at a chain or franchise restaurant in the U.S.A. (that’s just for for the German potential tourists).
When I think of “Arby’s” I actually only think of “Curly Fries”, but maybe I underrated it myself…
I liked the “Sour Dough Burger” from “Spangle’s”, though. Do you have “Spangle’s” in Oregon?

oregonpoop says:

Dude you’re whacked. I agree Donald’s in BK are at the bottom of the list. But Wendy’s is horrible….it’s a sloppy greasy mess and the fries taste like cardboard! Carl’s Jr./Hardees is the Way to go!

Markus Doms says:

Hi Nalf,
there are two UNICORNS (!) sitting in a New York Chick-fil-A. And what shall I say? You are ABSOLUTELY right! Chick-fil-A is great! Not comparable with McD or BK! Thanks for this recommendation!
Best regards (we are the cheering guys at the player’s tunnel in the Optima Sportpark) ,

Ariel Henrique says:

Burguer king is not american… it’s brazilian!

Timothy Edmonds says:

What about Carls Jr! I would kill for a Double Western Cheese Burger!

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