It’s Fast Food Friday Food Review time again, and today l head down to Australia’s favourite chicken fast food restaurant, Red Rooster, to try their Cheesy Chicken Nuggets! Today l buy the $5 box, so lets unbox them, dissect them, taste them, and give them a score out of 10!
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PrinceBFo says:

They look average? Nigga its a dam nugget

West Aussie says:

i always thought you were a cheesy nugget 😛


they have no taste. yak

Grim Hairycheek says:

Good job Greggo I’ve driven past that cheesy nuggets sign so many times but wasn’t sure if it was worth stopping for

Prophet says:

Red Rooster Cheesy Nuggets are gross lol. They take 1:30 ( 1 min 30 sec) to cook so they’re not technically undercooked….

Jack Nguyen says:

You should try a Guzman Y Gomez Burrito this Friday! They’re $5 for cinco de mayo!

Christine M says:

Hey Grego, Those chips looked undercooked!! Nice nuggetts though…Yummmo!!!

Seba goslicki says:

greg the ledge m8

Lazlack says:

those cheesy nuggets are better then a hot load of cum

T. T. Freckleton says:

Grego, I see you drinking that gravy – I hope you get the old cholesterol checkup regularly

Bonesaw25 says:

The cheesy nuggets are not new

Annmaree ofOz says:

Yum, I do love me some Red Rooster, and their Chicken Nuggets are probably the best quality and taste I’ve found.

Fun vid, enjoy!

TheTodd says:

Red Rooters’ cheesy nuggets are the best. I love ’em. Red Rooter discontinued them for while many years ago ( I was devastated ), but they have been back for years and years Greggo. I thought you would have known that, being such a fast food connoisseur.  Cheers mate, rock on.

Bob Brewer says:

Wow, this guy is annoying. Not to mention the fact you didn’t know what a cheesy nugget was? Chicken nugget… with cheese… moron…

Finally, cheesy nuggets are NOT new. About 4 years ago I used to eat them almost daily. Best nuggets ever. Glad they’re back.

No I'mFirst says:

If it came with a drink it would be worth the five dollars

Myob Nosy says:

mail me some lol

Josh says:

biggest wanker on youtube

Kerry Chaney says:

There is cheese in the nuggets

Ameer Hammod says:

Try the Ford Freakout from Burger Fuel

Scott Drew says:

can’t beat a good old shot of the white stuff!!

Lizette Rocha says:

Keep the awesome videos!!!! My son and I wish we could go to Australia and try some of those places like Red Rooster.

Jazman Smith says:

I absolutely love your scruffy beard look Greggo.

Mathew Ferreira says:

Greg! I sharted!! THANK YOU

Patrick Sefton says:

The chicken and fish are cooked in the same oil.

MartijnFTW says:

Nasty grego love it

AusPearlJammer says:

they been doin cheesy nuggets for over 20 years lol

jcasablancas VEVO says:

Grego… Miami Vice called they want their sunglasses back and lose the 1984 hairstyle.

Platypus Nerd says:

Red Rooster has the best chips but the meals are way overpriced plus their wraps are always either smothered in way too much sauce or have no sauce whatsoever. Plus, at least where I live, you’re guaranteed at least 5 minutes waiting at the drive thru window even if you’re the only one there.

Strelok -UK- says:

Props to the camera person for not reacting to the hot load joke. I would have dropped it.

Charlotte Lewis says:

When Red Rooster come to Chicago I will try the cheesy nuggets, gravy and chips. It looks good.

Superman Junkie Modz says:

thanks might get some tommorrow

infamousdrunk says:

food in other countries looks 100 times better then american.

lmaree200886 says:

Greggo, Red Rooster have had these cheesy chicken nuggets for years! I remember getting them in my old kids meals in the 90’s when I was around 6-10 years old! I still get a pack when I go to the Sydney Airport store before I go on my yearly holiday. I also love the Rooster Roll with the shredded chicken, mayo and gravy and soft roll!

smashbeans says:

oh how super yummy 🙂

Addison G says:

The first time I got them i didn’t like them and who puts sesame seeds on a nugget lol but I’m determined to try it again

Cricket Blaster says:

Greggo, Next week try the new hungry jacks 5 for $5.95 wooper junior super stunner meal deal plz

Prime Designs says:

Greggo mate these ain’t new! Cheesy nugs have been around for years.

Bobby Fohrenbach says:

cheers greggy

Koji 888 says:

Greg. Your girlfriend is so cute. I wish you would show her for a few seconds on a video.
But actually … the mystery kind of keeps things exciting. So, either way I guess.

Puppet Master says:

fuck me Greg I’m so horny my cock is 9 inches

joe Thomson says:

yum yum yum:-)

Dave Allison says:

Always squeeze things to get out all the flavor. Nice episode. Next visit to Australia will visit a Red Rooster. I knew you’d drink the gravy. man. thanks.

Joe Grice says:

Are you gay? like be honest

Anonymous says:

You have so much fun. America is so boring!!

simple life homesteader from downunder Australia. says:

did you shear it with your camera person

jasmoran66 says:

You should always bring a sprig of parsley along with you on FFF. You know, for the aesthetic value.

LetsPlayKahoots says:


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