Revisiting Wendy’s Chicken Tenders!

Reporting in from the Abyss. Today I check out the Chicken Tenders from Wendy’s and give them another try.




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Michael&Jello says:

Reviewbrah I have a question. Are you a nuggies or tendies kind of guy?

Adam Daruk says:

0:35 the chicken did me wrong.

MasterBeard says:

American food looks disgusting

SpongeBob says:

KRUSTY krab pizza!!!

Poodle4lyfe says:

sweet nugs got the taste

Chad Bowman says:

it’s impossible to read this mans face to see if it’s good or not

Efjay 3 says:

One, second one, and three.

William Barrett says:

I love the videos…always good information

kevin ryan says:

Do u smoke weed

thatdearguy says:

I *do* like my chicken tenders portable…

MasterBeard says:

Your eyes are so far apart a helicopter could land between them

Javier Whitefield says:

This Is WENDY’S!!!!!

Konata says:

Gimmie gimmie chicken tendies, be they crispy or from Wendy’s

Monique Val says:

your eyes are so big and beautiful!

Winterchill says:


spencer says:

*they dropped their smartphones and they just used chicken tenders, it was nuts*
wtf sounds like heaven on earth my bruhdereview

duckncover says:

slap your face with a piece of crappy chicken

Big Zeus says:

I can’t do Wendy’s anymore ever since I got an undercooked burger from there.

MrMisterPS Jackie says:


*Kicks into the bottomless pit*

The Real Wooden says:

If you want to class this up a little bit more keep your pinky out while sipping the water

Brandon Vincent says:

Reviewbrah, I want your sack in my mouth

Thank You says:

Guess I missed out on the chicken tender phone craze but maybe if I save up I can try out chicken tender footwear, maybe boots for Fall.

JettoHD says:

Tits all aboot therse chincken extenders

Lara says:

Not the hero we deserve but the hero we need

guyinthetrenchcoat says:

Reviewbrah: That’s my story arc! That’s it! Slawsome Sauce!

Toy golden Freddy Nascar review channel says:

I love your intro

Gaius Julius Caesar says:

Is this guy like a meme? Or something?

David Fuentes says:

This is madness! Great video man love your work!

SkiffaPaul says:

Looks like you bit off more than you can chew at 6:28

King Harkinian says:


Bradley Combs says:

i still have to try these lol at least i tried buffalo chicken one

Mitchell Chadwick says:

That moment ur alone ur bored and pretend ur in a porno 7:05

GaMzEe mAkArA says:


Qagher Qagher says:

Are you a frog in a meat suit?

Sebastian Klüsener says:

So much crap videos that are just slightly longer than 10 mins, fck yt.

Lina Walker says:

Hello everyone….. this is running in empty, food review!

Cold Hands says:


GoldPaws says:

Could you do the mcDonalds crispy tenders again? They are using different chicken in them now.

Quintin Groves says:

Good content Q food reviews god bless

Flint says:

This was a good way to spend my time
and my day is improved

Daniel. K.-P. says:


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