Sean Evans and Daym Drops Review the Spiciest Fast-Food Menu Items

On this week’s special edition of Empty Calories, it’s the YouTube collaboration you’ve been waiting for: Hot-sauce guy Sean Evans teams up with fast-food maven Daym Drops for a taste-test of some of the most popular spicy dishes currently heating up chain menus. Watch the duo combine their superpowers to rate newcomers like the Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries, and OGs like the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

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Kyle Hearnsberger says:

+Daym Drops, WHOA DUDE, a 5 all day for the BK Jalapeno chicken fries – I NEVER would’ve anticipated that from ya, because I had no idea you were starting to get into the spicy food game. Not bad, dude !!!!

Cole Kennedy says:

Lol dayms personality took over his show

Neith93 says:

ma 2 boys

Cory Wilbanks says:

I don’t like how sean eats tacos

jeff james says:

Daym talks a lot but doesn’t really say

Chris Smith says:

U mean to tell me da world done got to this SMH niggas white boys getting famous off eating foods.. Wow lol

Jacob Sanchez says:


Linus Olsson says:

Everyone video starts at 0:00

dirucafe1337 says:

I had the new queso chicken at wendys the other day but I would much rather stick with the spicy.

Axil Gaming says:


Jacob Sanchez says:

Who else got hungry?

Tanner Drexler says:

Sean I love you, but what the fuck. You bit the top of that taco… you’re an animal.

A. W. says:

5:09 Shots fired

Barse Man says:

Nice colab

Mr. Treez says:

Reviewbrah would be better

ChristianGfunky says:

no Chick fil A spicy chicken sandwich??

JRChaney116 says:

Guys…..Chick-fil-a spicy chicken Sandwich?

Blackk Zgang1 says:

the best online bitch zgang

Charlie RAWW says:

Spicy chicken sandwich rated best in order.
1.kfc Nashville zinger
2. Chick file a
3.jack in the box

TheGreatMidgethero says:

Y’all really didn’t try at all to make that Wendy’s look appetizing did you?

MyopiaMovie says:

Chick fila spicy chicken > Wendy’s

Not close.

Joseph Cingrani says:

Why the hell do you eat tacos like that sean!? Im actual pretty pissed about that..

Doner Kebab says:

fuck the haters, DAYM IS DOPE

Derek Steinke says:

Sean and Daym, y’all need to come to Minnesota and try Revival’s fried chicken. Come eat the Poultrygeist chicken. That’ll kick your ass and it’s delicious.

sneekerfreek says:

fuck off spicy chicken,shitty leaf of lettuce tomatoes old as hell and dime size of mayo,NO THANK YOU

popsson says:

this nigga daym eats like a toddler.

Ruben Rocha-Upton says:

i love the spicy chicken sandwich, i get honey mustard and put it on my sandwich. yum

solutionxero says:

i was happy when daym got on rachel ray, and now im super happy he fux with sean! what a great team!!

Sarah Lunsford says:

You’re on drugs. KFC is NOT my first choice for fast food but that Nashville Chicken is addictive!

Monique Chandler says:

this isnt new eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ❤ sean

Knight Mech says:

Sean bring on Joey from Joey’s world tour, he travels the world tasting many foods from different cultures

Andy Daley says:

Fr kfc’s biscuits are garbage

Rey Loves Metal says:

I missed my *S U P E R O F F I C I A L*

[I know it’s not Dayms channel]

Devilock79 says:

I think that KFC shit is cooked and packaged off-site and just thrown in the microwave when you order it, or they heat up a bunch and just keep them warm all day. Got it once and it was luke warm and gross.

JW says:

who the fuck told sean he could bite a taco like that

popsson says:

how you remove the lettuce and tomato from the spicy chicken and have no mayo? what a joke

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