SUBWAY ☆ULTIMATE CHEESY GARLIC BREAD☆ Turn ANY sandwich into a buttery, cheesy garlic masterpiece with their LIMITED TIME Cheesy Garlic Bread! I went for their ULTIMATE Meatball Marinara FOOTLONG as advertised! This will make you sad that 2018 is almost over because it’s only here til the end of the year. Ho Ho Ho! BIG BITE!!!

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Lewis Rothschild says:

Nope if humans knew what they were eating half of these fast food joints would be out of business.

TviruZ says:

you got some “balls” to even eat subway

Carlos 78 says:

I was worried for you Justin! Having some saucy hot meatballs chugged down your mouth and throat looked dangerous lol
Great review as always bro!

john jackson says:

Yet aaaaanother one off the chain

CJ Cutter says:

Big Balls!

Jay Rivera says:

LMAO at mystery cube. I think the exact same thing when I order a meatball sub

Doane Ponder says:

This retard is gonna choke himself one day trying to stuff shit into his mouth like he has NO home training at all! WTF???

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Well I’ll be damned Subway actually put out something to bring me back in…. The second I saw the shirt I was all like “why you been sleepin on Justin Eliz?” Gotta get back in the game 😛

Zack F says:

I love Subway’s meatball sub. Really the meatball and the tuna are the only decent meat options there. The rest are mediocre at best.

whodaman16 says:

It looks delicious I will have to try one

Amos Presley says:

*You trying to get your money worth. I see you.*

Commander Meow says:

Big Bite = Oral sex with a sandwich

makemoneyrelax says:

This guy looks so healthy..that extra cholesterol keeps him young and strong…

David Pollak says:

The ultimate food reviewer!

Dhalvid says:

wholly shit that shirt is so funny… I mean disturbing funny but damn that shit made me laugh… I want one

Dhalvid says:

I was in a sauna once and an old man turned around to move his towel he was naked and when he bent over his balls hung lower than his knees … please help me I cant get it out of my mind…

brendan mirabito says:

I ate the spicy Italian and puked 2 hours later too much garlic

Danny Hoyt says:

If I were high that sandwich would be great

Geoffrey Doetzer says:


Michael Nelson says:

Love the video!!!! Please keep up the awesome work!!!

Andrew tran says:

Bro I just watched a grown man deep throat a meat ball sandwich

Kam Mike says:

Dope review, can you do the chicken and waffles from KFC

William Stayduhar says:

Next time add pepperoni.
You can thank me later…

Scott Choate says:

You so turned me off with that ball sack quote lmao,naw man,i love subways meatball subs,have good one brother.

Mikey P says:

You had 2 be a Snake in your lost life that way u put it down on that last bite big bite!!!!! Lol

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