SUBWAY vs. FIREHOUSE SUBS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!

SUBWAY vs. FIREHOUSE SUBS – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!
Check out my cameo!
omg i have always wanted to compare subway #food to firehouse subs #fastfood ! i finally did it and it was so much fun! i really love subway, but firehouse sandwiches really were so good! thank you guys for watching my review! let me know what other restaurants y’all wanna see on this series!


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Holly Murphree says:

A friend who worked at subway and said ask for one strip of whatever sauce you want.. Subway loves to drawn your sandwiches..

Elizabeth Willis says:

Your facials in the thumbnails are everything

SȺmȺnøsᵾꝁɇ says:


Soso Notchurbusiness says:

I’ve had both..and they were the same types..and honestly I love my subway..the firehouse wasn’t memorable at all.

nerdykitty cakez says:

I like Firehouse so I want them to win but let’s see who u like

Ashlee Ventura says:

The subway bread looks like a hot dog bun

Martina Lola fraser says:

My subway always has amazing subs lots of meat on it cheese veggies it looked like u hardly had meat on them for subway

Elizabeth Willis says:

I vote firehouse

Sharon N says:

I haven’t had Subway in years. My fav Firehouse sub is the Engineer.

AJ says:

firehouse does slay. like I think everything on their menu is bomb af.

Angie Parker says:


Tianna Brazeau says:

literally eating firehouse subs right now lmao.. i got myself a small italian with all the fixins

conechiwa7 says:

Girl, I always get sauces on the side so it doesn’t get soggy… Also, I totally want a sammy now XD <3


13:13 LOL

lil kim says:

I think that subway screwed you over!! I went to my local subway the other day and they put sooo much toppings the bread couldnt even hold it lol

Montana Gast says:

subway is trash in my opinion, which may be affected due to the fact that i work there & ive ate there too much & know the behind the scenes lol

Rachel Neumann says:

I can tell ya.. Firehouse is WAAAAYYY better!

ege e says:

The James Charles bits are so good oml

Leslie Petty says:

The only good thing about subway is their Chipotle sauce tbh

John Sinclair says:

Yes. Thoughtfully placed balls is a good thing. Yes. Yes. it is.

Montana Gast says:

I work at subway, the bread shouldnt be that small. Whoever made the bread that day did it wrong lol

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