Taco Bell ☆DOUBLE CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH☆ w/BabyBigBites Food Review!!!

NEW! Taco Bell ☆DOUBLE CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH☆ Food Review w/BabyBigBites! A hard taco shell filled with seasoned beef, lettuce, real cheddar cheese, and spicy ranch sauce all tucked in a piece of flatbread with a melted three cheese blend with an additional, second helping of seasoned beef! Only for a LIMITED TIME!!!

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Camelia says:

Hey! Your daughter is a little piece of sugar. Just to cute! She look so much to you. Great review!

David Longs says:

Dude your genes are super strong lol thats your lil twin

uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW says:

your daughter is such a cutie pie…god knows what she’s thinking of her dad!?

Moy Moy says:

I had three for lunch with a diet coke to wash it down.

Father Dad says:

Awesome ending bro!

Justin Paschall says:

Always love the videos keep them coming:)

kenneth brown says:

that poor lil girl…….

Julianne Sullivan says:

Awwww baby big bite!!! She’s adorable and you seem like a great dad

voteZDLR says:

lol bro how many kids you have? I can just see the copulation ceremonies that must have taken place, in a room with his wife, “first bite, BIG bite!”

Hovsep says:


steven vanorder says:

One bite everybody knows the rules.

Sergio Resendiz says:

Great Video

Dan Krahn says:

Don’t bring the kid into your video. Unnecessary exposure isn’t cool. You don’t have her permission now do you?

Acrolein 1 says:


AmembertacioN says:

Lmfao great review

Armando Serrano says:

Lol Baby big bites looks just like you! Love it man!

Patty Patty says:

I didn’t know ellen Degeneres did food reviews

xxx xxx says:

Love what you said about daym. Dude needs to be on meds.

Nellie7777777 says:

You and your daughter = twins!

eric cook says:

Is that everywhere or just your area?

William Wallace says:

That chain is dated

Joe Schmoe says:

Poor Joey reviewed this and they didn’t give him the double one they gave him the regular. So sad. Taco Bell hirers a bunch of morons I mean I go tell them EXACTLY what I want and I get the opposite. Like I don’t get it.

Joey's Mom says:

This looks tasty, crunchwrap supreme is my go-to but I think I will give this one a try

John Hawkins says:

Keep up the good work man! I love your videos

Compassion&Loyalty says:

I’m a new subbie! I loved the editing abed how you added your daughter. Great job!

Jason says:

Had one of these yesterday, it was sooooo good. They tried to charge me $3.89 instead of the menu price of $3.49. I called the guy out on it and he’s like… “$3.49? Yeah, we can do that for you.” LOL…Thieves.

Jeremy Jenkins says:

Your little one looks so much like you. Glad to see you being a good father and having your kids involved. Keep it up man. I always enjoy

Edgar Poirier says:

I feel like he’s going to end up choking in his car and die because of those fat ass bites like nigga no need to take a bite like that

Dan Krahn says:


lilCHIQUIS1 says:

She’s a natural baby food reviewer!

BasedAshKetchum says:

Lmao @ double up on the jimmy hat um you definitely not suppose to do that

Dumb Shit says:

Love how much energy you have

Ricardo Miranda says:


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