Taco Bell ☆MEAT LOVERS NACHO FRIES☆ BellGrande Food Review!!!

What’s better than the return of the LIMITED TIME Taco Bell Nacho Fries? Why of course ☆MEAT LOVERS NACHO FRIES BELLGRANDE☆! DOUBLED with ALL MEATS…2X Steak, 2X Ground Beef, 2X Grilled & Shredded Chicken, Warm Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream and Diced Tomatoes on top of fresh Taco Bell Nacho Fries! This is the way to do LOADED CHEESE FRIES from Taco Bell!

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Mc' Dagger says:


E G says:

During the intro I always find myself raising the roof and doing some major pelvic thrust very intensely.

Chris Newby says:

You Americans are spoiled…why can’t this come to Canada plz

Matthew P says:

2:52 Hahaha !

Mike R says:

Love your videos man

Sam hines says:

that look amazing, gotta try that keep up the good work bro

INSOMNIAC3898 says:

your drive thru order is so cringy af when you order, but thats what i love! 😀 thx for another great one FAST Food Pit Stops <3

stephon baldwin says:

8.84 me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karpo musick says:

i like the way you ranked that 7:49 lol

stephon baldwin says:

that looks good but stop

lucas mcquillan says:

Another awesome video big bite take it easy you don’t need to have a heart attack

Less Dank says:

lmao…lowkey..i like that you made fun of joey…i truly dont like him

Matthew Garza says:

I can hear the crunch

john jackson says:

There’s no bigger bite love you man

Dave LaBadie says:

Darn Justin, this looks insanely yummy!! I’ll have to order me some tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. Haha. I thought how you going to get you a big bite with that lil spork!!?

CJ Cutter says:

Grande Bite!

Phillip Lemen says:

the cuban chain of course xD

Michael K says:

Get a spoon
Cus that was weak

Michelle Muncie says:

Did you get a new camera?? Omg this review was so crazy clear!!! I’m getting those fry nachos soon!!!

duncan spencer says:

hahaha joe’s world tour

ahmad bhro says:

why i love you so much

longdongbongchong says:

I swear to god, if you ever imitate Joey again, I’m unsubbing. I shudder when I hear that sound. I physically cant take it.

patrick speers says:

This was the BEST video ever!!!  I loved the marriage reference eating nacho fries!!!

Joshua Lopez says:

Next time add red sauce bro its bomb

Clarence Boddicker says:

fuck that’s cheap!!!!! way to go taco bell.

Logan Koontz says:

I was shocked you didn’t add bacon bits also!, I’ll definitely be trying to get them to make this soon though!

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