TACO BELL ☆NEW $1 STACKER☆!!! Food Review

NEW! Taco Bell $1 STACKER! Available solo-dolo for only $1! TRIPLE-LAYER folded goodness, topped with seasoned ground beef, 3-layer cheese blend & nacho cheese sauce. Wrapped, folded and STACKED into three-layers and pressed like a naughty panini, delivered in your meaty palms for a mere dollar. Holy crap, this thing is real!

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Robert Shriver says:

So glad john c reilly started doing food reviews

goonster951 says:

Why do you look like John C Reilly? Lol

Josh Dion says:

John C Reilly?

Koji 888 says:

Were you in Step Brothers with Will Ferrell

DMTV says:

Why the hype intro, it’s just a food review lol

Supermonkey 1964 says:

For only a buck it looks pretty good. Great review Justin! 🙂

Clarence Boddicker says:

You’re a good man Justin. Reckon you’d be a great neighbor

Koji 888 says:

I buy those. Take them home. Open it up and toss in whatever
I’ve got in the fridge. Fold/ roll it up and I’ve got a one pound grilled burrito.

Sig Shooter says:

Whitfield Food Reviews said it was pretty close to the old chili cheese burrito they used to sell. Do you think so, Justin?

killajakez says:

It’s great and a good value, but the pics they put out are deceiving. The filling ends 2/3 of the way in from the corner.

Life Alert says:

Loved you in the Pillow Talking video this year!

The Badcompany Gaming says:

I like your t-shirt Justin! Is that a picture of your son?

Mugsy Catoe says:

john c reilly?

628robair says:


Cheryl Preston says:

I dont see a strong resemblance to John C Reilly….and he’s 52

chris S says:

Wheres the beef

lovelife02 says:

This review was a little bit over the top

kim T says:

Looks better on the thumb nail

Critical Eats Japan says:

I think I’d have a dilemma eating this —start at the corner like a pizza, or up top near the open end…?

Strung Out says:

Gonna have to give this a try. I wonder if they let you ask for chicken or steak instead of beef and pay a little extra. You could probably get them to add whatever you want to it and make it a beast lol

charsk00ter says:

I’ll need about tree fiddy…I miss going to taco bell. I can’t eat it anymore after discovering a soy allergy. Thanks for eating it for me!

SecularPenguinist says:

Bring back the Volcano Burrito Taco Bell.

Jamie Landers says:

they literally sell $1 quesadillas it’s just less tortilla

ren lox says:

I got this and wanted to see what people thought of it online. I received a cold/ungrilled cheesy mess. Best to stay away from that

Jumullyett says:

I’m from the U.K. And that is a bloody good deal

Lodoku says:

dude i love your shirt where can I get one, that’s my favorite movie of all time!

Joe S says:


Lord Cabbage says:

If you really want to make that $15 an hour you can go clean up the shit smeared walls in the bathroom after folding that.

The Buchanan Family says:

We finally have Taco Bell here in Scotland 🙂

METALMAN4Wii says:

I liked their eggs “walks away with head down”.

Kommentatus Cosades says:

Really makes you think whats in there if its still profitable to sell at 1$ lmao

Bryan Lee says:

Looks like a dirty diaper

Jumullyett says:

Also loving the review and your top buddy

Herb says:

I was watching some of your older videos and I have to say you’re much more enjoyable whenyoure not yelling and waving your fat hands all over the place. You used to do calm calculated reviews and now all the recent ones make you seem like youre trying reall hard to be the white daym drops. Just my two cents.

VarietyMusicLover says:

But it tasted like about tree fiddy lol love it

Layton Minnix says:

I really wished our Taco Bells here in Va. were that good about fillings in all of their Items, a Stacker here is all Dough and a No Show for the Ground Beef and Cheese?

ilerad i says:

He reminds me of Will Ferals brother in Step Brothers movie

Robert Ward says:

This seems fairly lackluster as a new product coming off of the rolled chicken tacos.

Tempest Fury says:

Ugghhh…..I just went to Taco Hell for the first time in about a year. I had a “beefy” burrito and a double-Decker cool ranch taco.
I ate maybe half before just throwing it in the garbage. It’s simple disgusting. Burger Thing and Jack in the Crack have always been notorious for their blow-out bowel movements. Taco Hell has joined the club of absolutely horrible food. Save your dollar, get a few more and do taco Tuesday at home!

Mike Shea says:

People who enjoy this food must’ve grown up on dogshit. How do you actually like this?

Lawyer Mark says:

Taco Bell should bring back the chilito/chili cheese burrito in the stacker form.

killerzboy010 says:

Needs more Semen

Nightbot Nighbot says:

This made me so hungry but I love it

Clarence Boddicker says:

If Taco Bell was in Australia I’d die of a heart attack after 3 months. Love the shit!

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