Taco Bell ☆WILD & MILD Naked Chicken Chalupa☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Taco Bell ☆Wild & Mild NAKED CHICKEN CHALUPA☆! Available in the tame ‘Mild’ variety with a medium ranch, or kicked up with their NEW Wild sauce! What started as a screwed up order, ended up with me getting to review BOTH the Mild & Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell. Only for a LIMITED TIME!!!

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Candace Cherry says:

I had the naked chickin befor

Jujtrfdj liuyggkoigf says:

why is Justin is still dressed in this video.

Ryen Elliott says:

Awesome flavor. It’s delicious.

Stephen Gregson says:

I went to Taco Bell the other night and they gave me a regular chalupa instead -_-


yummy and juicy.

Josh Sparr says:

Hi Justin

DarkMental says:

gotta love this bastard. He should have a million subs

hasekmk says:


Rain Angel says:

That looks delicious

SIA Investigations Team says:

Did he say I digest?

kids place on channel 9 says:

Comb yer hair forward to cover up the bald, like I do.

Honey Brah says:


Tahoe 1907 says:

Hey Justin can we see a shot of your car after you drop a pound of lettuce and cheese in it next time?

mrTabascohot says:

John C Reilly has really fallen on hard times.

Timmy Funster says:

Are you John C Reilly?

The Buchanan Family says:

I hate when fast food places mess up your order 🙁 congratulations on your engagement though 🙂

Outlaws Generation says:

I tried the mild it wasn’t bad. Great review. Wild all the way.

Justin Frazier says:

That’s a great taco!

CJ Cutter says:

Big Bite Bro!

Kaiser says:

18k man your channel should have well over 100k by now???!!! like WTF

ThrobbinHood says:

So gross. Bring back the triple melt!!!!

Jeiner Alexis says:

The mild chalupa is just the regular one from last year.

eric harris says:

BIG BITE lmao i love it

sirgigglez says:

It’s dale!

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