Taco Bell Beefy Potato-Rito Food Review

Taco Bell Beefy Potato-Rito Food Review is packed FULL of surprises for only $1.00! Have you tried one yet?

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jayfive c says:

The 5 sec rule is bs lol

Kay G says:

Long John Silver’s bangs. You should do a first time review. I think they have like a fish and chicken “basket” and you get fries and hush puppies

Rickbee says:

Ring pop

Gaming Guy says:

A Patatorito all day baby 1$ for life so worth it

Shawn Caldwell says:

bonus points for triggering the ring pop flashback memory trip

The Ark says:

NO NO NO….Long John Silvers…..nah……..I want real fish not fillers.

Brian Campbell says:

Ring POP!!!!

Josiah Rush says:

Ring Pop

Worldly Laughs says:


J Rob says:

why am i looking at my shirt?

Arlicia Berry says:

ring pop

SouljaSaia17 says:

A $1 review should not take 12 minutes!

Thomas Brooks says:

I beat this thing up not to long ago but i got to do it again the first time they were out of nacho cheese but it was still good without it. And i hit up long johns once and a while

Robert Allen says:

Ring pop

Shemar Williams says:

Ring pop

Jay Rosas says:


Colby Smith says:

who bites a burrito like that daym!? cmon man

TylerLunsfordMagic says:

Ring Pop!! Keep up the great work!

Tiger Berry says:

Ring pop all up in this mutha!

Alec Skinner says:

Hushpuppies for days son

Brent Tucker says:

The Food Don, kiss the ring!

blakej237 says:

Dude you are so black

J Rob says:

god kiss it devil miss it

Buttler Camlord says:

FYI people, Taco Bell in Canada and other countries has french fries on the menu. We’re being abused here in the US, yo.

Troy Smith says:

Ring Pop

Roberto Cossio says:

Dude gets so excited over food lol not hating*

Epicgametime611 says:


Devon Trujillo says:

Daym Drops, The type of dude to smother ketchup all over his fries..

Joshua Patrick says:

Ring Pop

cirving01 says:

ring pop

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