Taco Bell Beefy Potato-Rito – Food Review

On this rainy Monday I review the new Beefy Potato Rito from Taco Bell. I am wearing a tan raincoat, white wing collar shirt, brown vintage Allyn St. George necktie and a brown suit.

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This item contains beef, potato, cheese, nacho cheese and chipotle sauce.


sharid pugh says:

If you actually look at what he’s drinking, it’s not Baja blast

steVENOM says:

6:15 he almost breaks lol but hes a damn fine actor

PhantomStudios says:

Reviewbrah, I honestly love your content. You have a special charm to your videos. Keep it up man!

ab. say. says:

why do you do your intros twice

TGfury says:


Ev4nsLife says:

Seems like a rebranding of the cheesy potato burrito.

LazyWorm94 says:

I got food poisoning from taco bell last weekend. Fun times.

AmissStar 48 says:

Energycrisis vs running on empty

isaiah Garcia says:


Crumbly Fenderfiddle says:

The zenith of your eating experience… the zenith of my YouTube experience. Nice video. See you next time

Majik Ninja Anders says:

You are my senpai just wanted to tell you

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

For those wondering. The collar I am wearing is called a “wing collar”. It is commonly worn with bow ties in 2017 but from the 1870s-1930s they were also worn with neckties. This is a very archaic look but it is one that I like a lot, even if it is not very common anymore. That’s why I’m wearing a necktie with this collar!

samuel bruneman says:

Can you please review takis?

xYodaFighterx says:

shit, watching these videos makes me super hungry

Zellar100 says:

Is that a Honda Accord Crosstour your in ?

Kirbae says:

I have no fucking clue why but I am oddly attracted to this guys channel and I don’t even really care for food reviews

You just earned yourself a sub

The Great Alew says:

Your beautiful hands were as white as that blinding white factory processed tortilla.

Juan Puga says:

You are sex

Dubekko says:

Whoever raised you raised you right.

TheMoldyAvocado says:

Is this man god?

Rotten Wishes says:

Make a review for the Arby’s sandwhich, the new smoked Italian porchetta.

brokenupbeat says:

I’m not new my friend. Been subscribed. The Beefy Potato burrito is usually a decent choice. Haven’t had a chance to try this item. I found out recently that I may be highly sensitive to gluten. So I’m gonna have to be picky when I cheat on my diet. Enjoyed the video as usual. Taco Bell is always rough. “Taco hell”.

lo rael says:

ur so cute.

Jair Guerrero says:

This guy would make me look toward to eating shit. And that’s saying something because I don’t usually eat shit.

Dr Shank says:

Is it me or does his voice sound like the perfect person to record an audio book of “The Great Gatsby”?

Loganishere says:

Please review cheddar cheese pringles


All my friends are jakepaulers

But am a reviewbra fan

ThemusicalworldofAlex D says:

I slaved over that hot stove to make you that burrito and you can’t even appreciate it. For shame

Jason Fee says:

I love this guy

_Code_ Green_ says:

Yall seen the office?? Review bruh reminds me of dwight shrute beet farmer.

Nathan T. says:

Tried one of these today. Was pissed. There was more tortilla in this taco then there was filling.

PDX Fast Foodie says:

Tried it yesterday, my video is uploading as we speak! You’re the king!

john says:

when you come to my window, i will invite you in.

Ben Gordon says:

This dude thinks he’s on tv

Jovani Ortiz says:

This man is a fucking god and yet he doesn’t have 1 million subscribers

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