Taco Bell – Crispy Chicken Quesadilla $5 Box Fast Food Review

Today we head to Taco Bell to review their new Crispy Chicken Quesadilla. These are their Naked Chicken Chips shoved inside a Quesadilla, loaded w/ cheese. For more info check out www.tacobell.com Subscribe for more Fast Food Reviews & CopyCat Recipes!
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Dirty Pours says:

Honestly didn’t look that great to me. But after your review I am grabbing one I’m curious.. p.s. we are Huge G.O.T. fans do u watch the show or read the books??? My twin girls names are. Aria and Calisi. Spelled a bit different… But we pronounce the same

PureIrish77 says:

Love you guys! So happy your safe and back!!!!!

twitchster77 says:

Also…for just $0.10 extra, you can upgrade the medium drink it comes with…to a large.

Anthony23Riv says:

Did this just come out today?

John Krop says:

The box looks like a great value. 5 bucks for a meal at a restaurant is a steal.

Cacti88 says:

Hadn’t heard of this and don’t remember it from before but i know what’s for dinner. Thanks guys always entertaining

Cassie Jones says:

I work at Taco Bell and you won’t believe how many of those we sold today. And yes, you can just buy the chicken chips again with a thing of nacho cheese.

twitchster77 says:

Needs about 30 packets of diablo sauce!

Tony Tone says:

words words words, i like words, i literally heard about this earlier today on FB. seems to be a test market item in FL right now, I think

goodi2shooz says:

Wtf…. holy crap how did I miss this

Sig Shooter says:

I’d try it since I like the chips and taco version. One question. What is going on with the beard? Did I miss something….you trimmed it!

Nick Leporno says:

Wasn’t this called a chickstar or something on the East Coast ?

Mariah Mmk says:

I’ve been craving TB lately. It’s 4am and I’m drooling watching your TB videos. Pls send tacos

Whitfield's Food Revue says:

Mild, Hot, Fire or Diablo? How do you sauce it up at Taco Bell?

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Yeah when this was in “chickstar” form I didn’t like the chicken AT ALL and I missed out on all naked chicken things…. Wonder if it’s still the same chicken??? Short term memory you say? Guess we’ll call ya Dori from here on out lol

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